10 Most important tips for UPSC Exam preparation

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Preparing Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi for the UPSC Civil Services Exam which is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country which is conducted by the Union Public Service Exam for the higher civil services of the Government of India including Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, Indian Forest Services, and other prestigious posts.

UPSC CSE is considered one of the toughest exams because lakhs of aspirants apply to try their luck and aim for the selection in the services. Somehow there is no doubt that it is tough as it demands a lot of patience .Hard work, discipline, and the main consistency. You have to dedicate yourself to this examination. The preparation period is one of the parts of the training for the aspirants who are consistent and ready to give everything, then its results have more ability to give you and most importantly it gives a chance to work for your country.


Following tips can help you during your UPSC Exam Preparations:


  1. Understanding of the Syllabus: – no doubt that the journey of UPSC is tough but before starting any journey it is very important to understand the destiny and what is required to reach the destination. Always have an overview of the syllabus and the demand of subjects before starting. If you have a hold over the syllabus, then prepare a strategy for your preparation. Through the understanding of the syllabus, aspirants get the light of what is expected from them.


  1. Understanding time constraints: – The syllabus is very vast and lengthy which is not an easy task to complete. Therefore, one should try to avoid new topics or try to complete the syllabus before time and provide time for revision. A schedule should be there and every successful aspirant.


Eden IAS is one of the premier institutes which provides a foundation course known as UTKARSH which is 1.5 years long with the promise of completion of syllabus including Prelims, CSAT, Mains, and Interview preparation in 10 months and during this period strong foundation of concepts is infused. | Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi


  1. Regular Revision: – There should be a habit of revision which is very important for the aspirant to crack the exam. UPSC aspirants should switch to frequent revision as the collection level of the subject loses and that’s why they should spend time on revision. Batches like Utkarsh, Lakshya foundation course by Eden IAS are designed in such a way that they provide the proper time of revision before the exams.


  1. Have a hold on Current Issues: – For understanding the basic perspective of current issues and enhancing the perspectives of seeing things, newspapers play an important role. It is not advisable to avoid newspapers irrespective of time constraints.


  1. Analyzing past year question papers: – understanding the trend of UPSC CSE is very important as the pattern changes and there should be a habit of adoption according to the changes in the pattern of UPSC. Past year question paper should be analyzed as we can observe the trend from 2016 is that the questions for NCERT books are reducing. This approach helps to increase the chances of success.


  1. Regular answer writing practice: – understanding the demand of the questions and writing such questions which makes you stand different from others increase the chances of getting into services. This can be only done by regular answer writing practice which improves over time. Practicing between the time of Prelims and Mains is not sufficient, Eden IAS offers daily answer writing included in the foundation courses which helps in enhancing quality.


  1. Following Healthy Diet: – Ensure that your food is rich in proteins for energy and full of nutrients. Staying hydrated is essential. Healthy diet to keep you warm, motivated, and concentrated for preparation. | Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

8. Stay Positive: – While preparing only hard work is not sufficient but it is necessary to have peace of mind and be mentally stable as well. There are times when it can get quite overwhelming and you will feel depressed but it requires removing negative thoughts from your head.


9.   Do Not Compare with Others: – The examination is a challenging time for all the students. While preparing, students naturally start comparing their preparation with fellow students. This in turn leads to unnecessary tension in the mind. It also deviates one’s focus. So, do not compare with others. It is rather better to compare with one’s own performance. This leads to constructive self-assessment. Also, everyone is different. They have different strengths and weaknesses. So, the comparison is pointless. Keep focusing on self-preparation.

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  1. Rely on static sources and class notes: – Following static boobs and class notes from Eden IAS, which are very comprehensive are enough for UPSC.


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