11 Fascinating Women In Crypto

Cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity regardless of financial or cultural class. Some of its devotees include many of the most prominent women in the world. Some of these onboard the cryptocurrency/NFT ride include:


  1. Reese Witherspoon

Reese is a supporter of women owned and led companies, some of those being NFTs. Her NFT purchases have largely been from like-minded businesses. She is soaking up everything she can in order to pass it along to help empower more women around the world.


  1. Serena Williams

Lolli is a top investment choice for Serena and her husband. This rewards program is proving that crypto can be as valuable to customers as conventional money. Financial worth has taken on a new meaning.


  1. Emma Hernan

Emma, famed real estate queen, is telling all her friends about cryptocurrency and sees no end in sight for investing. She is glad she started early and suggests taking the plunge before it reaches peak popularity.


  1. Paris Hilton

Oh, Paris. She was one of the first to get involved in cryptocurrency investing, and she might have made one of the best decisions of her life. Be careful about judging beautiful blonds. Hidden talents might be hiding beneath those golden tresses.


  1. Mel B.

Scary, we love that your goal is to unite fans and see inclusion as a number one necessity. You go, girl. We applaud your heart and giving qualities in the universal fight for equality.




  1. Bored Becky and NFTIgnition

Though some men tried to horn into this women-based NFT group, a restart proved successful. Fame Lady Squad is thriving, providing help to women everywhere, teaching all things related to cryptocurrency and NFTs.


  1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth has been in the crypto loop since before it was even a believable concept. Now that others are becoming interested, she is helping bring them up to speed. She is one of the top advocates for women in the field of cryptocurrency and millions are benefiting from her mentoring.


  1. Yam Karkai

Creator of World of Women, Yam Karkai is successfully spearheading this NFT art project that focuses on diversity and helping to support women of all ethnicities. Many collectors of her work are celebrities which is monumental in spreading the word about cryptocurrency and its many benefits.


  1. Thessy Mehrain

Women in Blockchain is a groundbreaking group founded by a strong female whose focus in helping other women to be independent financially and otherwise. She provides leadership, networking and learning opportunities on cryptocurrency.


  1. Cleve Mesidor

Cleve Mesidor has become a national leader for women of color. Her platform of choice is LOGOS where she publicizes Blockchain and puts it in terms that make it (somewhat) easier to understand as cryptocurrency goes. Helping women of color to gain knowledge that can become power, Cleve is doing it right.


  1. Lana Denina

Lana Denina is an artist proving that NFTs could be the wave of the future that is now. Her paintings have sold for hundreds of thousands in cryptocurrency, much more quickly than she made in conventional currency. A portion of proceeds from her art goes to helping to support African artists Read More

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