What Is The Birthstone You Should Wear According To Your Birth Month?

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Each month of birth corresponds to a birthstone, a gem or precious stone to which a series of special properties are associated. The power of quartz and crystals has been used since the beginning of humanity to cure some ailments or protect against the evil eye. Today semi-precious stones adorn beautiful jewelry, essential accessories to complete any look. In these times of great changes, nothing better than not separating from the origin, take note of your grandkids birthstone necklace, it will help you in difficult situations.

Your birthstone according to the month of birth

January garnet is your positivity stone. It is able to protect from nightmares and change negative thoughts for positive ones. In the form of a pendant, it will be an essential piece for these days of constant pessimism.

February amethyst will help you find peace. This purple colored quartz is one of the most appreciated in jewelry. Capable of reassuring those restless minds that keep thinking about the same thing over and over again.

March aquamarine will protect you. This light-toned stone is perfect for those days when we feel at the mercy of feelings. Ideal for any change, it was used by sailors before setting out on an unknown route.

April the diamond is the light you need. There are different types of diamonds, of all sizes, types and prices. This stone represents eternity and unprecedented strength. A ring with a small diamond can be a guide.

May the emerald will bring you hope. This green stone is one of the best known in jewelry. A truly unique piece that brings light and color to any jewel. It will bring luck and prosperity to the person who wears it.

June pearls are the tears of the gods. Legend has it that these natural elements are actually the tears of the gods, their light and beauty is indescribable. They provide stability and balance especially in the form of a necklace.

July the ruby ​​is the symbol of passion. This red stone can end up being the one that leads you to the most absolute success. He attracts love and solves any conflict that may arise, he is a powerful peacemaker and he brings harmony to whoever wears him.

August peridot is a powerful protector. Quartz of a single color is difficult to find, in this case it has a greenish color that they say acts against evil forces. As a pendant or a ring on the middle finger, it is a safe bet.

September the sapphire is the stone that will make your dreams come true. Wisdom is a quality that is associated with this stone. A way to clarify ideas in times of confusion or to draw a winning plan, thanks to the influence of this gem.

October the opal is said to have been part of the rainbow. This stone is part of many legends, some of them surprising, such as its participation in the rainbow. Its properties are capable of awakening more than one smile.

November citrine is able to calm any hidden passion. This golden stone is one of those that are associated with success and prosperity. Highly appreciated in jewelry, it can become a piece that will make you shine like the sun’s rays.

December Tanzanite is the oldest gem on the planet. This precious stone possesses a beauty that impresses. Of an intense blue it comes from the slopes of Kilimanjaro and they say it brings good luck to those who carry it in the hand or on the wrist.

It’s time to treat you to a very useful little whim. A grandma necklace with grandkids birthstones with some essential properties for these times. The beauty of these minerals, quartz or gems is capable of illuminating the darkest of situations.

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