20 Things To Pack For a Day at the Beach

Do you have a fun beach day coming up? Make sure you don’t forget anything at home by checking out this list!

1. Swimsuit

When figuring out what to pack for your beach trip, start with the basics. Never forget to pack a swimsuit. You may even want to pack multiple so you can have options once you get there. You wouldn’t want to have to purchase a new one if your main one gets damaged or stained.

2. Towels

Like swimsuits, towels are an obvious must. Not only are they nice to lay out on, but you will also need them to dry off after you get out of the water and before you head up your car.

3. Sunscreen

Taking sunscreen with you to the beach is an absolute must. Whether your skin is accustomed to the sun or you burn easily, sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays that can have long-lasting negative effects.

4. Umbrella or Tent

If you aren’t one who likes to stay in the sun all day long, you should pick up an umbrella or a beach tent for your day trip. This will allow you to spend as much time in or out of the sun as you want.

5. Beach Chairs

As great as a towel on the sand is, it may not be your preferred way to enjoy the beach. If you’d rather spend time off of the sand, then bring a beach chair to lounge around in.

6. Pool Floats

Beach chairs are great if you want to sit around on the sand, but what if you want to relax in the water on a nice calm day at sea? For this, bring your pool floats and inflatables. They’re great for any occasion.

7. Frisbee or Volleyball

If you are hoping to have some fun in the sun with your friends. It is always a great idea to bring along a heavyweight frisbee or beach volleyball to pass the time.

8. Stocked Cooler

While you are out on the sand, there is no doubt that you and your friends or family will get hungry and thirsty for something other than water. So, bring a fully stocked cooler with you!

9. Cooling Towel

Being out on the beach all day can be hot and excruciating if you don’t take the proper precautions. Bring a cooling towel to help keep your body temperature at bay.

10. Waterproof Speaker

While you’re at the beach all day, you might as well have some tunes to heighten the experience. A waterproof speaker is loud enough to be heard over the waves and durable enough to make the trip.

11. A Change of Clothes

If you like going to a nice seafood restaurant at the end of a long beach day trip, you should bring a change of clothes. There is nothing better than getting comfy and grabbing a bite to eat with salt still in your hair.

12. Sun Hat

It is critical to protect your scalp while you are out on the sand. Bring a sun hat to keep your scalp safe and help you see all there is to see oceanside.

13. Lots of Water

Beach activities can be very dehydrating. It is important to ensure that your cooler has plenty of water for your whole crew. No one wants to leave the beach by fainting.

14. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes and allow yourself to see. Sunglasses are pretty much a must for any successful day at the beach.

15. Something to Read

If you like to read, this is the perfect place. Bring a book or a reading tablet, so you can lounge around and pass the time away while listening to the waves.

16. Toys for the Kids

If you have kids, bring toys for them! There is no greater childhood memory than making sand castles down by the water. This will help free you up so you can read too!

17. A Kite

How many times have you been to a beach while someone is flying a kite? It always looks so fun! So, bring one for yourself!

18. Outdoor Games

Other outdoor games like cornhole, can jam, and lawn bowling are great activities on a long beach day.

19. Snorkeling Gear

If you like to take a swim and see what’s in the water. Bring your snorkeling gear and get out there!

20. A Cover-Up

Last but not least, it is always helpful to have some sort of clothing that you can put on over your swimsuit so you can go into stores or restaurants without having to change.

The Takeaway

A day at the beach can either be incredible and fun, or pretty unenjoyable. However, the outcome is entirely up to you. If you make a list and bring all of the amenities you want, odds are it will be a pretty great day Read More

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