4 Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Tips For 2022

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Scaling a startup is an important step for every business. However, this step also leads to the failure of many great businesses due to lack of knowledge, lack of planning, and lack of good digital marketing strategies. As per a survey, even in a normal year, 10 out of 11 startups fail. It becomes really difficult for most startups to survive the scaling process. But one can do that effectively even in a crisis event, by implementing low-budget digital marketing strategies for his startup business. So here we will check out the best 4 cost-effective digital marketing tips that will work the best for scaling up a business in 2022.

1) Make sure to identify the heart of your business

Before you start scaling your startup, you need to have a very clear idea about your core business, this includes your customers, products, marketing channels, etc. After properly understanding the ins and outs of your business, you should make sure that they are foolproof. Once you have a strong base, you will be ready to take your business to the next step. To get a clear understanding of your core business, you should be clear about certain facts like:

  • Whether you achieved market fit or not?
  • Who your primary customers are?
  • Which marketing channels provide the best ROI?
  • Whether you have enough funding that will keep your business going or will it face a bad patch?

If you can answer all the above questions yes then only your business is ready to scale up. And if the answer is no, then you should focus on securing the fundamentals of your business for the time being and only reconsider the scaling process when everything is secured.

2) Properly adjust the way you interact with your audience

Make sure to consider how every individual is impacted in a time of crisis, not just only your bottom line. If you check properly, you will find that a large percentage of your audience is struggling with economic hardships and employment issues. Keeping that in mind, the last thing people want is to be overwhelmed with advertisements that will encourage them to invest more amount of money in your startup business.

However, going silent is not a good option either. Instead of that, you can make use of this opportunity for adjusting the way you communicate with your audience.  Remind your audience that you are always there for them by speaking about current events.This includes sharing blogs and updates about how the crisis situation is affecting your business and its ability to communicate with your audiences. You can also include changes in business hours, services, delays in shipping, and any other kind of detail that can help an individual to plan ahead.

Investing in the customer is the best tip for any business owner in a time of crisis. This is because customers are also individuals with their own problems and are looking for solutions. And if your brand provides a solution to that problem, then your brand will become reliable for them and they will become more loyal to you.

Make sure to reflect these changes in your communication by increasing your email marketing campaign efforts. With the help of this, you can easily target specific customers at various stages of the buyer’s journey. Always make sure to adjust the way you interact with different types of audiences to show the context of world events whenever possible. Make your audience feel that you may be a business, but there are people in your business that truly cares.

3) Focus on SEO

As per research, more than 62% of customers go to search engines first when they come to know about a new business, product, or service. This means that if you want your brand to become a vital part of your target audience’s search process, then your brand should show up in search results and you can only achieve this by focusing on SEO.

SEO is the most prominent, budget-friendly digital marketing service and if you can do it in a proper way then it can help to improve your website’s rankings on search engines like Google and will also help you to get sufficient website traffic which will turn into leads and customers in the future.

In addition to that, SEO will also boost your credibility and will help your brand to stay ahead of its competitors. One of the major advantages of SEO is that it is extremely easy to measure thereby making it simpler for you to guarantee that you are giving marketing resources to a strategy that is having a major impact. It is very important to focus on SEO during the time of crisis because:

  • Organic search is basically a zero-sum game, your success and failure are balanced by the success and failures of your competitors on SERPs. This means that when other organizations will underestimate the importance of an instinctive decision on their business, they will face an engagement drop, their quality will fall and they will also lose transactions across channels. This will provide you the opportunity to push behind your competitors and get on the way to success.
  • Search engine optimization is an extremely competitive space and if you do not move ahead actively, you will fall behind others. That is why crisis time is the best time for implementing those impactful SEO strategies for your business.

4) You can run Instagram ads

Going for Instagram ads for promoting your business within a budget is a very good idea. You will not require an Instagram profile for running ads, you can run Instagram ads without having an account.

The best thing is that people who will click on your Instagram ads will be sent to landing pages or website URLs without filtering through any profile on Instagram. Facebook has almost 600 targeting options and Instagram ads can run through the medium of Facebook, so it will help you to target specific groups that will suit your organization’s profile.


Hope these above-mentioned digital marketing strategies will help you to properly scale up your business in 2022. And in addition to that if you require professional help, then you can easily reach out to a reputed digital marketing company in India providing top-quality digital marketing services for assistance. They can help you in the best possible way.

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