4 Myths About Cleaning Sofas and Mattress

A clean sofa or mattress not only increases comfort levels but is also good for your health. Therefore, it is very important to regularly contact real professionals for dry cleaning of sofas and mattresses. However, most homeowners put it off for a long time by not cleaning sofas and mattresses due to the misconception that this service is necessary.

Below is a list of four major myths about cleaning sofas and mattresses.

Dry cleaning of the mattress and sofa should be ordered when they become dirty

Many homeowners feel that cleaning sofas and mattresses should be put off until they are really dirty. Sofas and mattresses are made from soft materials that can pick up dust, pollen, fungus, food, and drink very quickly. If left unclean for a long time, a lot of dirt will accumulate on them, which will be difficult to clean. Therefore, it is very important to clean sofas and mattresses every six months.

Mattress or sofa can be cleaned by yourself

Some homeowners find that they can clean mattresses and sofas themselves. This is a big misconception. Many homeowners use commercially available cleaning products that leave streaks and stains on the material. If mattresses and sofas are not cleaned using the correct method and professional chemicals, not only will the appearance deteriorate, but there will also be a potential harm to health. Therefore, it is very important to hire a professional to properly clean mattresses and sofas. Visit: Sofa cleaning in Bondi Junction

Any cleaning company is suitable for cleaning mattresses and sofas

It is not true. Some companies have dry cleaning equipment but no trained technicians. Some of these professionals don’t even know how to use cleaning machines. If you hire cleaning services from a company with unknown credentials, your fabric is likely to deteriorate. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a reputable dry cleaning company that will not only do it right but also save you money.

Mattresses and sofas that are rarely used do not require cleaning

Most people believe that sofas and mattresses that aren’t used often don’t need to be cleaned. This is not true as they are also subject to contamination. If new mattresses or sofas are not dry-cleaned for a long time, too much dirt accumulates on them, which ultimately reduces the quality of the material. Sofas and mattresses will always look new if you get in the habit of cleaning them regularly.

It is advisable to hire a professional upholstery and carpet cleaning company to clean sofas and mattresses regularly. A good company is able to provide its customers with quality affordable sofa and mattress cleaning services.

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