4 Tips to Clean Your Suede Jacket

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Suede jackets are something that most men and women have in their wardrobes as obviously nobody wants to compromise on fashion just to save themselves from the cold. When we talk about leather jackets for men, suede jackets take the lead because of the premium quality leather used in these jackets. As cool and attractive as they look, one of the problems that we face when dealing with them is their cleaning. Cleaning can be pretty hectic and hard on the pocket, however; it is obviously not impossible. Once you know how to do the cleaning of your suede jacket you can clean almost anything that is made of suede.

However, you should keep in mind that suede is comparatively softer than leather and other materials, that is why it is considered more vulnerable. This makes it pretty obvious that suede is quite trickier to clean, one of the reasons is because it is stained pretty easily therefore you have to be extra cautious wearing them. When learning to clean the Men’s suede jackets UK or all the other items, you have to make sure you have all the ingredients of the commercial cleaning. The regular ones can damage your jacket and will make the stains worse.

Following are a few tips that can help you clean your suede jacket. Make sure you are incorporating them in your cleaning job.

1) Cleaning Brush

Start off the cleaning process with regular and general cleaning. You have got to use the suede brush that can go over your overall jacket surface. With the help of a brush, you will have the loosen debris and dirt and your jacket will also look a lot better with it. The loose fibers can also help you in removing the stain. Once both the things are removed you can now bring the cleaning brush right on the stains.

To remove the stain on the jacket, you must use a suede brush with a little more pressure on the stained area to make sure the stain is all covered under the brush. Now, you should move the brush back and forth to loosen and completely remove the stain. However, you must not exert a lot of pressure as doing it extensively would end up damaging your jacket and this is not recommended at all.

When you have removed all the stains, a suede protector will help you repel and prevent all future stains as well. You must follow all the directions written on the can, spray it on the protector of the suede all over the jacket or other suede items. With the protector, you can prevent a lot of stains which include the regular stains as well. However, it would not change anything if the stains are of ink, mud or blood, or other kinds of heavy stains.

2) Suede Eraser

Since Suede is one of the softest and the easy to tear and stain fabrics, they have a special eraser for the removal of the stain. If you find your brush is not effective much to remove the stains from the jacket, you have got to try the eraser. When you have it, you should apply a little pressure on it, rub the eraser on the area that is stained. The overall process is a little slow, so you have to deal with it patiently and make sure you are not damaging your jacket with the extra pressure.

While we strongly suggest the use of a suede eraser, in case it is not available, you can always use a pencil eraser. However, do not in any way use a pink eraser as it can dye your suede. If even the eraser does not work, you can use the nail file, rub it lightly and say goodbye to the stubborn stains on your jacket.

3) Use Vinegar

If you are looking for some regular tricks to wash off the stains from your jacket then try some kitchen hacks. I mean you do have a lot in your kitchen that can help you clean the stains on your jacket.

However, do not make the mistake of dipping the jacket in the vinegar solution. Make sure you are using it for spot cleaning only. All you should do is make the solution of water and vinegar in a regular-sized bowl and your solution will be all ready. Take a cotton ball, dip it in the bowl, swab, or use the soft fabric cloth to clean the stain. Before you wear your jacket again, make sure you are leaving it to dry first.

In order to restore the suede texture on jackets or on the shoes, we recommend you use grit sandpaper. Apart from it, you can also use the fine or medium kind of grit sandpaper, it will allow you to remove the oil and dirt stains that you were not removed successfully through other measures.

However, you must never use any sandpaper that has a number less than 60 attached to it, you have to be extra cautious while using such a thing. Once the whole stain is removed, use a suede protector to make sure you are not having any stains in the future as well.

4) Use Washing Machine

The easiest way to wash off any stain is to use a washing machine. Once you know how to do it, you are in for the bigger treat. It is easy and gets the stain out from the root. However, you must know how to use the machine occasionally, using the washing machine to clean your suede jacket should never be your go-to-move.

All you need to do is use a cleaner that is used for suede fabric only, then use a certain amount of cleaner and add it to the washing machine. Move your clothes in the washing machine and cycle them gently. Make sure you are not using any fabric softener and let the gentle cycle regulate and clean the stain.

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