5 benefits of Installing a Cloud Contact Centre software on Your business CRM

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Keeping up-to-date customer data at a confidential place is important for businesses because that’s how they can market their products and services effectively. Besides advertising their offerings, they will provide an outstanding customer support experience if they integrate their CRM with well-developed cloud contact centre software.

Let’s discuss the top 5 benefits of installing a cloud contact centre software on your business CRM:

❖    Immersive customer support experience

Whenever customers get in touch with brands regarding product/service-related help, they expect general information to be stored in the database so that they don’t have to repeat it every time. The reason is that they can get desired solutions in less time and only have to utter the required information while interacting with the support agent. And this can be easily achieved If your CRM is integrated with cloud contact centre software.

If you don’t know how to leverage the full potential of your CRM, it is highly recommended to avail cloud call centre solutions from reputed service providers like Knowlarity because they offer the luxury of easy integration.

❖    Easier agent retention

Another benefit of installing cloud contact centre software on your business CRM is that you can offer your customer support agents peace of mind and retain them for a long time. Primarily, customer-facing employees leave their job when they feel that they are being disrespected regularly. Nobody likes to be yelled at or insulted.

If your CRM system is integrated with your call centre software, your support team can easily access information related to the recently purchased items, contact information, etc. It will help them understand what has frustrated the customer. As a positive result, they will assist quickly and end the support interaction before things go out of their hand.

❖    Builds strong brand image

Customers expect brands to provide only two things: ‘Immaculate products’ and ‘Fabulous after-sales support service’. These are extremely important for the former, and the possibility of bearing compromise in terms of quality is not even on the cards. Rightly so, if a brand is not capable enough to live up to the expectations, it is not worthy of being trusted.

As explained above, if brands connect their cloud contact centre software with their business CRM, it would be easy to offer splendid post-purchase support services. Plus, they can work upon customer feedback (received via support interactions) to enhance the quality of their products and services.

Customers will appreciate the brand’s efforts and write positive reviews on social media platforms to show how impressed they are. You have guessed that right; there will be a strong brand image.

❖    Smooth customer acquisition

Followed by the aforementioned point, you will enjoy easier customer acquisition once you have a strong brand image in the market. It happens because prospects always try to be part of those well-known brands for their products and support services.

What’s more, they spread a positive word in their contact circle so that their loved ones can be a part of a good company. And this makes customer acquisition super easy and results in business expansion, consequently.So, put all your second thoughts aside and avail the best cloud telephony service from a renowned provider like Knowlarity to grow your business in leaps and bounds.

❖    No more room for obsolete information

In the beginning, we stated that having the right customer information is crucial for businesses because it helps to make marketing campaigns successful. But it is very difficult to identify outdated information, which makes it almost irreplaceable.

This issue can easily be resolved if you integrate your cloud contact centre software with your business CRM, as your customer-facing team will be able to gather new information (while assisting) and update it in the CRM system so that sales and marketing teams can easily do their job and accomplish the expected goals.

Well, that’s all from our side for today, and we hope you have gained crucial insights while reading this blog. If you have made up your mind to avail call centre cloud solutions, dial this toll-free number 1800-1020-340.


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