5 Best Subscription Boxes To Select For Hiking And Camping

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Hiking And Camping is one of the most exciting outdoor activities to do. You might have been a camping enthusiast for years now, and you already know the best camping spots in your area. If you are one of those people who would like to try out something new, why don’t you start packing up and go on a hiking trip? 

Bringing the right gear is one thing that can make your hiking experience more exciting. Many people would like to go on a hike but are afraid that they might forget something important along the way. 

Subscription boxes can cover all your hiking needs. Various subscription box companies in the market can cater to all your camping and hiking needs. Aim to find what works best for your needs and budget. 

These five companies offer you the most exclusive and high-end subscription boxes for camping.



One of the best monthly outdoor subscription boxes in 2022 is BattlBox. They endeavor to make your outdoor and tactical experience as unique as possible. The BattlBox team consists of experienced outdoorsmen, and they know the importance of having the right gear when you need it.

BattlBox offers different levels of subscription plans, namely: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. The BattlBox Basic plan is great for the budget-minded individual. It comes with an outdoor guidebook, survival tools, and simple outdoor gear. 

Picking the Pro Plus gives you access to all you can get from the BattlBox. It includes all survival gear, medical kits, and tactical tools not included in any other plans. Also, instead of generic items, you will receive branded gear to boost your outdoor experience. BattlBox is a great choice for those who want the best of everything in camping and hiking gear. With their gift option, you can book a surprise for your loved ones to touch their adventures. Crate Club

Another fulfilling hiking and camping companion is Crate Club. They meet everything an outdoorsman might need while in the wild. Their subscription plans include Lieutenant, Captain, and General. The Lieutenant is the base plan with basic survival tools such as lighters and pocket knives. 

The General is the all-inclusive option for camping and outdoor professionals. It comes with tactical gear like self-defense flashlights and binoculars. Your choice of package will depend on your level of hiking and camping experience, needs, and budget. 

When purchasing the annual subscription, you get free shipping for all three packages. A 10% discount also applies to the first two packages. The General package is the most expensive, but it offers a lot of value for your money. You get to save 200 bucks when ordering the annual subscription. 

Crate Club is best for people looking to improve their hiking and camping experience. You can buy individual items or go with the whole package. You can also gift your friend or family member and empower their hiking endeavors by providing their address when checking out.


Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post is a great hiking and camping subscription for those who want to try out different gear. This company allows you to choose a personalized adventure, and you will be surprised by the variety they offer. But before you can choose your adventure, you need to answer a few questions about yourself. 

In the quiz, you will answer what you like or dislike about the outdoors, your favorite tools for camping or hiking, and gadgets you cannot go without. This information will help Bespoke Post select the perfect gear for you. 

Bespoke Post offers a fixed price for all their boxes, and you choose what to include. As a member, you will pay $49 per box. Non-members buy their packages for $70. Bespoke Post allows you to change your box preferences before the cutoff date. Once processed, you can no longer make changes.



When it comes to spending quality time outdoors, the Nomadik is your perfect go-to. They offer a range of subscription boxes for people who love spending time in the wild. Apart from ensuring monthly package delivery, they sort their supplies to match your immediate needs according to the season.
With customization, you can expect the best experience. You will get exactly what you want. With a quarterly subscription, you receive your box once every three months. This plan allows you to plan your next camping and hiking trip according to the season. The package contains a retail value of 33% higher than your purchase price. 

If you are unsure of what you need in your subscription box, you can use their quiz. You will provide information about your adventure and camping style, and they will make the best recommendations for you. Nomadik is great for hikers and campers looking for a personalized experience.


Hiker Crate

You can tell from their name that this company is all about hiking. To make your adventure outstanding, Hiker Crate brings you hiking food, gear, and accessories to match your needs. As a camper, you know that the best way to enjoy your hike is by being prepared.

This company understands this, and they have put together a great package that delivers every month. All subscriptions are renewed by the 28th of every month. Hiker Crate is best for hikers looking for a monthly surprise of hiking gear, food, and accessories.

While Hiker Crate has one package, the subscription cycle varies according to needs. For starters, the monthly billing is ideal for testing your experience. You can also opt for quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Your tier determines the discount you get on every box you receive from Hiker Crate. 


Your camping can be a fulfilling adventure when combined with hiking. However, you cannot achieve your goal without the right gear, food, and supplies. These five subscription boxes will help you get all you need to hit the trail with confidence. Before picking your favorite, you need to consider the type of adventure and your budget.

Do not forget that these subscriptions make great gifts for friends and loved ones who love spending time outdoors. Giving a surprise hiking subscription to your family will make them feel appreciated. You could even have a better time together on your next camping adventure. 

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