5 Must-Go-To Places to Visit in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is a mountain town located in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Its fame is based on its proximity to the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Gatlinburg has grown in popularity amongst domestic and international tourists in the last few years. The prime reason for that is the growing number of attractions and amenities present. The city has capitalized beautifully on its positioning as the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains Natural Park and hosts up to 12 million tourists annually. With the winter season nearly over and spring in bloom, it’s time for you to pick a destination for your summer getaway. You can consider Gatlinburg as the spot to enjoy nature comfortably and relax in the summers.

This article will help you choose Gatlinburg as your next vacation spot by going over the town’s five must-go-to places.

1)  The Smoky Mountains National Park

There isn’t any attraction greater than the mountains themselves in Gatlinburg. The town serves as the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The natural park lets you closely experience the lush green valleys of the mountain range. The small city of Gatlinburg provides gorgeous views of the Smoky Mountains landscape, but through the park, you can access the vast green landscape for sightseeing, camping, or any other activity you enjoy in nature. If you choose to stay in the downtown Gatlinburg hotels, you will only be 10 minutes away from the park. Hotels can easily arrange transport and guides to facilitate and tailor this experience for you. Hence, the park should be a part of your itinerary to ensure you don’t leave Gatlinburg without feeling the Great Smoky Mountain range’s lustrous valleys.

2)  Ripley’s Aquarium

A truly unexpected place in Gatlinburg is Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. The aquarium houses a gorgeous coral reef, playful penguins, and a calming Stingray Bay. Whether you are fascinated by exotic natural life or the idea of exploring the underwater world, you should set aside a day for visiting the aquarium.

3)  Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

If you cannot visit the natural park during your time in Gatlinburg, you don’t have to worry about missing out. Situated in the downtown area is the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park, with a state-of-the-art sky bridge to provide you with breathtaking landscape views. The sky bridge is 680 feet long at the height of 140 feet. You can take wonderful photos of the smoky mountains by stepping on this bridge. The Skylift Park also features a chairlift that takes you from the downtown area to the smoky mountains. They are exceptional opportunities for you to have an adventurous experience in Gatlinburg.

4)  Gatlinburg Space Needle

Another awe-inspiring way of admiring the natural landscape is through an observation tower called the Gatlinburg Space Needle. You can get a 360-degree view of the landscape at the observation deck. You will be able to see the Great Smoky Mountains ascend beyond the town’s skyline. The panoramic view from the deck is a sight to behold. It lures both sightseeing and photography enthusiasts. Additionally, the Space Needle area also features a playground called the Arcadia. It’s a gaming zone with cutting-edge video technology for redemption arcade games.

5)  The Village

Gatlinburg is also home to arguably one of the best shopping experiences you can have in the entirety of Tennessee. Known as “The Village,” it is a European-themed area with a quaint atmosphere for exploring and shopping. The Village has 27 unique shops where you can buy souvenirs or shop for clothes and assortments. You can admire the Village’s ornamentation throughout the area as it is the key feature of the locality. The great and calming aura of the stones is what separates The Village from any other shopping center. Even if you are not in the mood to buy anything, you should still visit and explore The Village for a lifetime shopping experience. The experience is ubiquitously regarded as memorable due to the architecturally marvelous area’s construction surrounded by spectacular views of the smoky mountains.

Final Thoughts

Gatlinburg is a bucket-list destination for all kinds of travelers. The small city in Tennessee nestled in the heart of the smoky mountains is laden with comfortable hotels and unique attractions. The five places that should be must-go-to in your itinerary can start from visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can visit Ridley’s Aquarium of the Smokies for an unforgettable experience with penguins and coral reefs. For panoramic views of the smoky mountains, you can visit the observation deck at the Gatlinburg Space Needle. You can also have a safe adventurous experience in the mountains through the Gatlinburg SkyLift, featuring a state-of-the-art sky bridge. Lastly, you must visit The Village of Gatlinburg for a truly memorable shopping experience created by 27 unique shops built to create the quaint classical atmosphere of European villages Read More

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