5-point lock: definition, specificities, price, installation steps

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In the vast majority of cases of burglaries, the thugs enter the dwelling through the front door. The latter must therefore offer maximum security to prevent intrusions. The 5-point lock is one of the most effective models in this area to protect you. Find out everything you need to know about her.

What is a 5 point lock?

A 5-point lock is a locking system that has 5 anchor points. You should know that the more an entrance door has, the more secure it is because it is firmly fixed in the frame. It is, therefore, a highly secure multipoint lock model against break-in attempts.

This type of lock can be installed in different ways: surface-mounted, streamlined or recessed.

The 5 locking points are located all around the door. We then count:

  • 3 side points at the level of the lock,
  • A vertical point on the upper area of ​​the door,
  • A vertical dot on the lower area of ​​the door.

🔑 Even if this system seems complex, the same key is enough to lock and unlock all these bolts!

How to recognize a 5 point lock?

If at first glance, it looks like a 3-point lock, the 5-point lock has 5 closing points, not 3.

How much does a 5 point lock cost?

Its high security, complexity, and solidity make this equipment a real investment. Thus, it is necessary to count between 350 $ and 850 $, or even more for an A2P lock.

How to install a 5 point lock?

Do you want to install a 5-point lock on the wall? Here’s how:

  1. Dismantle all the elements belonging to the old lock ( handle, finishing plate, lock, and strike plate on the frame),
  2. Using the template, locate and mark the locations of the cylinder and fixings of your new multipoint lock,
  3. Fill in the holes left by your old locking system,
  4. Drill the center hole, then install the main trunk of the 5 point lock,
  5. Drill the appropriate holes, then put the linkage in place, parallel to the edge of the door,
  6. Fix the guides on the upper and lower parts,
  7. Position, in order: the upper striker, the central striker, and, finally, the lower striker,
  8. Screw-in the cover plate and test your installation.

👉 If it is quite possible to install an apparent 5-point lock on your own, it is best to call a locksmith for a multipoint system or integrated into the door.

In summary, the 5-point lock guarantees optimal security for your front door, whether exposed or recessed. However, regarding its installation, do not hesitate to contact a locksmith if you are not comfortable with this intervention!

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