5 Products to Keep an Eye on in the End of line packaging automation

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AUTOMATION INCREASES THE SPEED OF BUSINESS Given the fact that COVID accelerates the market End of line packaging automation for delivered goods, many businesses will be force to increase output in order to keep up with demand. Last year’s empty shelves and shortages of toilet paper and hand sanitizer were a result of this. Although harsh measures are take to exert pressure on distributors, this is not the only option. Businesses all around the world are looking for new and innovative ways to get their products to their customers faster and more efficiently than they now do.

So, what is the best way to go about it?

End of line packaging automation is the solution we’ve come up with.
It is not possible to have a fully automated production process without the same level of infrastructure as previously mentioned. Humans have traditionally carried out this duty, despite the fact that there are certain obvious limitations. People become fatigued, packaging workstations take up valuable floor space, and precision must sometimes be surrender in the name of efficiency. These risks are eliminate when end-of-line packaging automation is use.


Case erectors are machines that build foldable parts. Due to the reduction in the amount of space and time required to prepare cases for packaging, manufacturing capacity increases. Machines may produce anything from 15 to 75 cases per minute depending on the model. This enables you to select the best energy-efficient equipment for your particular application End of line packaging automation.
End-of-line automation increases the efficiency of all goods that are manufacture with case erectors. Manufacturers of domestic items, food, and toiletries will benefit from the reduction in staffing and space requirements. We now understand how to build and ship more quickly, and we have a solution.


Hand sanitizer bottles have become valuable commodities because to Covid’s efforts, and inserters improve efficiency and product security when units are ship out. Partition inserters and case erectors work together to pack a large number of units into a single case in a secure manner. These machines never open boxes or drop inserters into them, allowing for the highest level of precision and care to be maintain.
With 40 inserter partition designs to choose from, there is no packing process that cannot be complete. Having the knowledge that inserter automation is available allows you to select machines for your end-of-line operation. They also contribute to the overall package’s resilience, which is essential for storage and last-mile delivery operations.

CASE SEALERS are a type of case sealer that is use to seal a case

Sealing the case is another another fundamental operation that can be automate. The use of hot-melt adhesive or tape can speed up the processing of some installations to up to 80 boxes per minute. The use of servo-controlled flap folding ensures a neat and uniform appearance. We offer technologies that make shipment preparation a seamless component of the manufacturing cycle. Contact us today to learn more.

CASE PACKERS are individuals that pack cases of goods

What use is a case if the product isn’t inside? That’s not a good sign. Tray packers serve as a link between your manufacturing and packaging processes. There are numerous ways in which these devices can be pack. There are a variety of case packs available, including wraparound cases and non-wraparound cases. From baby food and flower boxes to carpet tiles and oil filters, our modular design components can be use to create a wide range of products.


As previously said, human employees may become awkward, unreliable, and fatigued over time as a result of their work environment. With inverters, you may treat cases or items with greater attention and consistency. A case should be load upside down, and a product should be wrapper upside down for transit, according to some suggestions.
Cottage cheese and other foods that contain a lot of liquid are package upside down in order to reduce liquid buildup. By preventing any equipment from being jostle or damaged, inverters save time and money. A “soft touch” mechanism keeps the case attached to the conveyor belt while it is being transported. Changeovers are straightforward and rapid, just as they are with other end-of-line goods.


Wayne Automation offers a comprehensive range of packaging automation services industradgroup to help businesses reach maximum productivity. Of course, the first step is to select the most appropriate machines for the work. Contact us today for a price on Wayne Automation end of line packaging machines.

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