5 Reasons that Make GIIS Ahmedabad the Best Pre Primary School

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A lot of effort goes into choosing a Pre Primary School for children. Parents understand the impact it has on a child. So, they make no compromises with quality education and learning standards. Finding a pre-primary school is a task for those who live in Ahmedabad, a city highly populated with ex-pats! They need to do thorough research and explore multiple schools in Ahmedabad before choosing one. The school which almost every parent trusts for their children is, The Global Indian International School. It is a renowned name in Ahmedabad and holds excellent market credibility.

Five reasons that make GIIS Ahmedabad the best

There are multiple reasons why parents choose GIIS Ahmedabad for the pre-primary education of their children. Let us dig deeper and discuss five significant reasons in detail.

Curriculum Plan

The curriculum or the teaching methodology at school is the backbone of the entire learning experience. It is where GIIS Ahmedabad excels. They follow the Montessori learning methodology under which the students learn through practical activities. There will be a perfect arrangement to allow children to participate in the activities that interest them the most, and there is no pressure of sticking to the books. Their assessment procedure is also smooth, and there is no exam scare.

Global Exposure

GIIS Ahmedabad has multiple campuses in different parts of the world. Therefore, it works as a boon in organising events and activities to give global exposure to children. If you want to send your child overseas for higher education, it would be ideal if you stick to GIIS Ahmedabad from the beginner level and design a path focused on your aim. Moreover, the school also has students from different cultural backgrounds enrolled, which helps expose children to a multi-cultural environment. All this proves fruitful in the professional journey where an individual has to deal with many people.

Amenities and Facilities 

The infrastructural amenities and facilities that GIIS AHMEDABAD  provides are at par with the best schools around the globe. They have SMART classrooms equipped with technological advancements for smooth online and offline learning. They also have a library with plethoras of books for students of every age group. Even the pre-primary children can get various storybooks and other books from the school library.

Qualified Staff

Another reason making GIIS Ahmedabad one of the best schools in Ahmedabad is its staff. They follow a stringent selection process to ensure that the teaching and non-teaching staff at the school has a relevant qualification. Moreover, they also ensure that they have hands-on experience in handling students of every age group and can plan the strategies for holistic development.

Holistic Development

The idea behind a pre-primary school is to make children familiar with the outside world. They have to prepare children to stay out of home for a few hours and adapt to an environment with people from different cultural backgrounds. GIIS Ahmedabad understands this well. So they work on the overall development of every child. It provides them with excellent educational opportunities and plans enough activities, ensuring that they develop the necessary skills to excel in life.

The list of reasons why GIIS Ahmedabad is the top choice of parents is never-ending. That is why they have won various awards and accolades from multiple platforms for their academic and infrastructural excellence. Check the school records, and you find that their students excel in their career paths. They have raised scientists, educationalists, researchers, doctors, and artists, bringing laurels to the school.

In the end, it is fair to say that The Global Indian International School is a fruitful choice for children in their early learning phase. It will help give a promising start to your child’s educational journey. So, if your child is ready to join a school, think no further, and enrol them straight into GIIS Ahmedabad.

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