5 Tips on Writing Better University Assignments

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Being a university student means facing writing challenges unless you are naturally good at it (even then, you need to practice). Unfortunately, most students lack the skills to write well. Hence, the challenge!

Without proper planning, skills, and (sometimes) assignment help, you spend more time writing assignment than you should. So, we are here to guide you with our 5 foolproof tips to get you the highest grades possible on your university assignments.

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Tip 1: Use All Available Sources

A thought messing up most students’ minds is, “How will I write my assignment”. But, the truth is with the right information, the task is not too difficult.

Professors’ lectures are a great source of information. It’s better than the rushed assignments help you get from your seniors, but students neglect this blessing. For example, you can understand what your professor requires from your assignment by paying attention during lectures.

Tip 2: Do Your Research

If you want to write a remarkable essay, thoroughly research the subject. The best resource for this is the academic databases available online and in your university library. They provide access to much information you can use and cite in your work.

Also, don’t forget to support your assignment with facts and examples. It should have a strong statement at the beginning, clearly defining what the reader will expect to find in the rest of the writing assignment (like a roadmap to uncover the rest).

Your essay should also have a clear structure: the introduction says what you’re going to write about; body paragraphs gives the main arguments; the conclusion sums up all you’ve written.

Tip 3: Write an Engaging Intro

Your introduction not only ‘introduce’ the essay topic, but it should be good enough to catch the readers attention. The first paragraph or sentences gives you the perfect opportunity to grab readers attention and hook them to your paper.

One way to increase reach is to find the right keywords relevant to your topic. Remember, academic writing is more formal and follows a strict pattern. So, you should avoid using conversational or informal language in your essay. For example, “The Earth is getting hotter day by day” seems inappropriate; instead, you can write, “The Earth’s temperature is growing due to global warming.”

Tip 4: Cite your Essay, Take Referencing Seriously

Plagiarism means using someone else’s work or ideas without acknowledging them. It is a serious crime and offensive thing to do in the academic world. We know writing an academic paper is tough, but plagiarism is unacceptable. Every university has its punishments and penalties for students who use others’ work. The punishment can get you a warning, an F-grade on your assignment or even expulsion for a month. Not worth the risk, right?

However, some students who don’t know how to cite and reference work can contact their professor, university administration, or the library. These sources may train students on how to use the references tool. Furthermore, if you still think you cannot understand the task and thus think ve hasMany websites are providing online law assignment help, and it is totally fine to get assistance, actually better than getting an “F” on the assignment.

Have a look at these excellent ways to avoid plagiarism:

  1. Paraphrase the information you are using
  2. Do not just copy and describe people’s ideas; instead, cite their work
  3. Suppose you are not familiar with referencing information style. Go to the school library, ask your professor or seek help from your friend who has passed the school.
  4. Keep the good quality of your writing notes
  5. Develop your writing style
  6. Use a wide range of sources

Tip 5: Read, Edit and ProofRead Your Assignment

A-Pro advice; always finish your work a week or at least three days ahead of the deadline. Never leave your work for the 11th hour. If you want to perform better than the rest of the class, plan and draft your assignment. Always ensure you have time to read, edit, and proofread your assignments.

If you finish your work on time, keep it aside for a day to relax your mind, then two days before the submission date, check the spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing style to ensure it is correct and matches the professor’s requirement.

You can use grammar checking software like Grammarly for editing and proofreading your assignments. However, no online tools or softwares can detect 100 per cent of problems. Sometimes, the recommendations by the softwares are not appropriate and can ruin your assignment actual statement. Therefore, always read what you write carefully and effectively edit and proofread the entire work.


Use these tips to improve your assignment writing skills. Do not worry; you will improve with time. Meanwhile, many online sites provide assignment help and write for you if you hire assistance. However, don’t stop trying to develop your writing style and skills at your end.



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