6 Best Herbal Teas You’ve Ever Tested

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Tea drinking has gone beyond getting freshness and vitality. Health is the new motive in pursuing herbal brews. Modern-day herbal teas come in unique flavors. Some herbal teas may taste better than others, but they are beneficial for health. 

Getting precise knowledge of herbal teas will help you find one quickly. Although coffee may be the first choice for caffeine lovers, herbal tea is a healthy alternative. From spicy and fruity to floral and earthy, there are endless choices in herbal teas. Here are six curated teas you should try to get your senses tingling and gain several health benefits. 

Kratom Tea 


The tea has gained popularity among health seekers for medical and wellness purposes in recent years. Kratom has a fairly long history in Southeast Asia. Its leaves have stimulating effects and can have a soothing outcome when taken in more significant amounts. Kratom leaves are chewed, crushed, smoked, or brewed into tea. These leaves are an herbal remedy that may alleviate pain and reduce mood disorder symptoms like anxiety and depression. It also helps improve sexual performance. 

This tea has an opioid-like effect on the body. Kratom leaves contain chemicals that interact with opioid receptors in the human brain. Kratom tea is marketed as a “natural high.” Check out the Kratom herbs guide before starting Kratom tea consumption. Larger kratom doses can cause intense euphoria, changes in heart rate, seizures, constipation, slowed breathing, coma, and fatal. You can consider buying Kratom tea online. Look for the best kratom tea vendors on the internet.  

Hibiscus Tea 


Hibiscus tea is standard in the Caribbean region, Australia, and other countries. It has a gorgeous pink or red color and is a favorite herbal brew because of its sharp, refreshing taste. It is also famous as therapeutic medicine. Hibiscus tea blend is also called roselle or sorrel. It tastes similar to cranberries. You can drink this refined herbal tea with one teaspoon of sugar or a dash of honey. 

Hibiscus tea has plenty of healthful properties besides its unique flavor and bold color. It has anti-viral qualities. Test-tube research studies have shown hibiscus extract is highly effective against bird flu strains. Hibiscus tea also has a positive effect on high blood pressure. It significantly decreases oxidative stress. Avoid consuming hibiscus tea if you take a diuretic medication, as the two may interact. Also, leave a 3-4 hours gap between aspirin and hibiscus brew. 

Chamomile Tea 


Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal plants with immense healing properties. Chamomile tea stands out for its calming effects and is used as a sleep aid. Drinking chamomile tea for almost two weeks can improve sleep quality in postpartum women. Consider sipping chamomile tea regularly before bed, as it is caffeine-free and can be a calming beverage during nighttime. It also helps lower depression symptoms. Avid drinkers of chamomile tea will find marginal improvements in daytime functioning. 

Besides a sleep aid, chamomile tea also has antibacterial and liver-protecting effects. Chamomile tea’s other potential health benefits include immunity boost and improving skin health. Given its moisturizing properties, the chamomile herb finds its use in cosmetic products, like soaps, lotions, and eye creams. It is also helpful in reducing skin inflammation and helps fight anxiety in women facing premenstrual syndrome.  

Peppermint Tea 

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Mint tea is one of the most commonly sipped herbal teas globally. It supports healthy digestion and contains menthol to relieve bloating and relax your intestinal tract. Besides promoting gut wellbeing, it also has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancer properties. Peppermint tea has a delicious and refreshing flavor. It can help relax spasms in the esophagus, colon, and intestines in tablet form.  

Peppermint tea is calorie-and caffeine-free, hence an excellent option for a soothing drink before bed. It gives you relief from mental stress and bad breath. Pregnant ladies should avoid drinking peppermint tea. Consider drinking 2-3 cups of peppermint tea every day to help you fight respiratory illnesses. It can also help open up blocked sinus cavities, helps you to lose weight, and makes your skin glow. Add a hint of honey into the freshly brewed mint tea for taste-enhancing. 

Ginger Tea 


A hot cup of ginger tea is a boon in winters. It gives a distinctive taste and helps fatigue, body stiffness, and stress. Steep some ginger tea to help you ease digestive problems. Ginger is an ancient root with valuable medicinal properties. It is a safe and effective remedy for morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting.  

Ginger has a characteristic smell and taste that makes it useful for diabetes and cancer-fighting therapies. To enjoy a cup of ginger tea, grate the root to fine pieces, put them at the bottom of a mug, pour hot water, and let it steep for a few minutes. You may also buy pre-packaged ginger tea bags made with dried ginger. This spicy and flavorful drink packs a punch of disease-fighting antioxidants. Ginger also helps relieve period pain. 

Oolong Tea 

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While green tea may be your go-to beverage for health and rejuvenation, Oolong tea offers many health benefits. This traditional Chinese tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps you achieve a healthy weight. Oolong tea extract can help you reduce body fat and may prevent obesity. It also improves mental alertness and prevents weak and brittle bones.  

Oolong tea has a more robust flavor. The same plant is also used to make green tea and black tea. Hence, it is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A cup of brewed oolong tea contains traces of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It also contains polyphenols responsible for its many health advantages. You can drink up to 10 cups of oolong tea every day, but you need to develop a habit.  



Nowadays, tea shopping has turned online besides tea-selling outlets and boutiques. Select a flavor that best satisfies your taste buds and health. Drink herbal teas in moderate quantities and check the expiry date before consuming them. 

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