6 mesmerizing ideas to give an expensive look to your home

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To make your home look more expensive, you must consider all aspects of the design. No surface is left untreated, from the floors to the walls to the ceiling. You want to have observable patterns on your floors to the colors of the wall and, finally, consider your ceiling. If you do not have any particular color or pattern in your mind for flooring, then the Thassos white marble tile would be an excellent fit for any space. 

Make it more convenient; we have listed some practical and innovative ideas that might spark your imagination and help you create your space more expensive.

Table of content

  1. Add wallpapers to complete the look
  2. Choose finishing material wisely
  3. Add lighting fixtures
  4. Create multiple seating
  5. Enhance with architectural sharing
  6. Add large statement craft pieces
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  1. Add wallpaper to complete the look

Another easy way to make a room look downright luxurious is by adding wallpaper. There is nothing that screams high-end luxury, like an utterly wall-covered room. You can choose stunning neutral-toned wallpapers that are just textured from wall to wall. When the light hits your textured wallpaper, it has a faint glimmer. You can choose our bold and patterned wallpaper. 

The visual impact of wallpaper is barring none from painting. If you have ever walked into a beautiful hotel room and the first thing that you notice is the beautifully textured wall. This is the power of wallpaper. It makes the room seem elegant, sophisticated, cozy, and very high-end. If you cannot afford the wallpaper for an entire room, try wallpapering a smaller space like a powder room, or you could wallpaper a focal walk. Wallpapering a focal wall will indeed have a substantial impact. In this manner, you can make your home look more surplus and valuable.

  1. Choose finishing material wisely

Many homeowners want to freshen up the space regarding floor design and material selection. You can do self-repair but choosing the wrong finishing material is a great mistake that leads to faulty flooring. Whether you have a carpet or wooden wall tile floor, you can make some changes to renew them. 

Choose your material wisely and make sure to manage a good under le to get a top-quality finish. Thassos white marble tile has extraordinary features for a reason. These tiles are the perfect fit for the entryways and are easier to clean up. 

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  1. Add lighting fixtures

To make your home look more expensive, you can add layer lighting. Want to have the general light and some overhead lighting such as recessed lighting? You can layer on lighting like a beautiful chandelier. You can also install some pendant fixtures hanging down on the walls, or you can go with the beautiful table lamp or floor lamp. The idea behind the lighting fixture is to have your eyes travel around the room and let them land on the surfaces. 

You can bind the sophisticated and beautiful lightning fixture to draw the viewer’s attention. If you have a gallery wall in your home, you can install accented light fixtures to create a mesmerizing impact. Always remember the strategy that it is never about adding more and more lights instead use the light fixtures wisely.

  1. Create multiple seating

Creating multiple sitting groups also helps to make your home feel cozy and comfortable. You can create smaller seating areas and little zones based on the conversation areas you want to design. A sitting group is characterized as anything with a chair next to it. You can design a single club chair with an elegant table that becomes your beloved reading place. 

Add two chairs facing each other right beside the fireplace to make a perfect place for a bit of a game table. You can also create a large sectional area with a few essential features that create a living room. When you are creating seating groups in the home, it allows multiple ways to enjoy the space. It also makes your home look more custom and well-designed.

  1. Enhance with architecture sharing

Adding some architectural design is another way to make your home look more custom and high-end. Detailing like molding and trim work includes everything from base molding to crown molding to beautiful casing around your door, panel, and molding on the walls, wainscoting chair, and anything that you can apply to the surface to give it a decorative feel. You can observe the difference in your room of four walls with basic furniture. The architectural panel moldings of the walls can create a sudden look and feel. The visual architectural attention can lift your room to high-end detailing. 

  1. Add large statement craft pieces. 

Nothing screams like a statement of the art piece. If you already have a huge selection of modern artwork that can cover your entire space, it would be a great attraction to your whole space. Consider a small sentimental gallery wall. Visually one comprehensive statement can create an extremely expensive look. 

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Final thought

When it comes to spicing up the entire home, it is essential to consider every aspect of designing. You never want to neglect the ceiling and leave it clean old white unless you intend it. You can print the top with a slightly lighter color than the walls, and all of a sudden, it draws your eyes up. Consider creating a design that looks pretty intentional by adding light fixtures and architectural sharing.

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