6 Reasons Translation Services are Important for Businesses

It is unlikely that a business will target an audience that speaks a single language for their products. Besides, any business planning to go global should be prepared to communicate with audiences who speak different languages. It is important that you choose professional translation services to enjoy the benefits explained below.

1. You Get to Communicate Better with Your Customers

You need to have the message sent to your customers as you wish them to get it. A professional translation service ensures that your customers get the message as you intend to pass it on by ensuring that it is grammatically correct and has the right connotations and voice.

Some meanings are lost during translation. However, the translation service does not just change words to their equivalent in your language of choice. It ensures that the translated work sounds natural and uses the phrases the target audience uses in regular communication to sound natural.

2. Business Translation Edits and Proofreads

It is important that all business communications are professional, free of errors, and articulate. Unfortunately, you may not achieve all of these with AI translation. The result is a fluent piece that sounds right to a native speaker.

With professional translation, you will not be required to pay for proofreading and additional editing, which is a cost-saver. You can use such services for different languages you are targeting without having to understand each language and yet come out as professional.

3. It Helps Avoid Marketing Slip-Offs

Several words and phrases may have entirely different meanings in another language. For example, KFC’s tagline finger-lickin’ good’ sounded like ‘We shall eat your fingers’ when translated to Chinese. The ‘Got Milk’ tagline by the American Dairy Association sounded like, ‘are you lactating?’ In Mexico.

Such blunders can cost a brand a significant market share, send the wrong brand perception, and result in a market backlash. This enables you to use the same message across different markets without losing the original idea.

4. Translations Help Increase Your Online Presence

When your business enters a new market, it should have a content strategy to create awareness and brand recognition. However, if language is a barrier, there is a likelihood that the market will have little content that your prospective clients can use to learn about the products. This can seriously hamper your efforts to wrestle a substantial market from your competitors.

However, with a professional translation service, you are able to create regular content on various aspects of your business or products, which increases your market presence and sales volumes in the end. Your content creators can be making articles, white papers, and sales letters in your primary language and have the same in all languages that you cover through translation services.

5. The Translation Service is Fast and Efficient

You can have a piece of business correspondence translated and use it to close a deal in a few minutes. Translators are also able to churn out tens of pages within a relatively short period for use in your blogs and social media marketing programs.

Efficiency comes from the fact that you do not duplicate your efforts. It saves you precious man-hours and keeps your workforce lean.

6. You Can Adapt Your Content to the Market

It is critical that the company be able to adapt to changing market conditions, especially when entering a new one. Sometimes you may have problems getting the message right for specific segments.

With businesses going global, the key to capturing markets and expanding operations rapidly is adapting your communications to each new market you enter. Fortunately, translation services enable you to adapt your communication to meet the needs of your target market.

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