6 Sales Enablement Tools That Can Be Considered as Seismic Alternatives

Do you want to boost your company’s sales but don’t know what to sell and to whom, where to go and how to proceed with the whole process? Sales enablement software is an obvious solution to all your problems, as it not only provides a guideline about the good execution of your sales process but also brings you so close to the Your sales objective.

Sales enablement Is a strategic approach of providing your sales team with all the crucial knowledge, tricks, and tools to assist them in achieving their sales goals in a more effective and efficient manner. It enables the salesperson to successfully engage the buyers during the entire sales process. A wide range of sales enablement tools is available in the market to create more ease for the sales leaders. 

The top six sales enablement tools that can be considered as seismic alternatives are listed below 

1. Mind Tickle 

It is an excellent and leading tool that engages salespersons effectively, helps the new joiners to learn sales tactics, and develops a more competent sales team. This tool provides the salesperson’s automated training paths and recordings to learn and practice tackling objections.  Data-driven intelligence is the most crucial feature of Mind tackle that helps to identify and fill skill gaps. In comparison to Seismic, Mind tickle is easy to handle and meets the requirements of the business more accurately. 

This tool is a complete package of instructions, content, and information that helps the sales team maximize their abilities to sell and reap fruitful results.

2. Brainshark

Brainshark is an ideal platform for sales enablement with all the crucial tools you need to transform your new salespersons into a killer sales team. Despite a highly competitive environment, with all the possible ways of coaching and training, this tool enables your sales team to perform on a higher level. It ensures to accelerate the content creation ability of the reps to empower the sales team. It is the best alternative 

to seismic as customers found it easy to set up, use and guide. 

3. Highspot 

Highspot is an ideal alternative to seismic, easy to use and highly preferred sales enablement tool by the customers. Feature updates, road maps, and fulfilling business needs are key qualities that make highspot a better choice over seismic. With refined sales enablement solutions, it allows content management, onboarding, on-demand training, and data matrices on one table. It saves the customers time by offering them personalized content creation. 

4. Mediafly

Another effective sales enablement tool is Mediafly which helps the salesperson to earn more revenue. 

It fully equipped the sales team with all the weapons of management tricks, appealing content, and buyer’s engagement throughout the whole selling process to win target sales within the specific period.  It’s quite easy to set up and use this platform as compared to seismic. 

5. SalesLoft

This platform enables the sales team to automatically engage with prospects. Usage of this tool helps the salesperson to send an automatic email and can dial or text the prospect with a single click. It also provides the customers with data analysis to keep a check on their success and spot the areas that need improvement. SalesLoft assist the salespersons to face the customers, generate more leads, and earn more profit 

6. Content Camel

Reigning the sales enablement software market, Content Camel is one of the most preferred tools widely used by organizations across the globe. It unifies different departments of the organization and provides the sales team with insightful data, which they can then use to effectively target customers and generate sales. It is easy on the budget and offers tailored services. So, if you are looking for the best Seismic alternatives, you should definitely consider using Content Camel.

Final Thoughts

The sales enablement process helps you to streamline your sales team for the good execution of your sales strategy. select the best sales enabler according to the needs of your business, generate a killer sales team and enjoy the new growth of your business.

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