6 Shelving Ideas For A Modern Kitchen Design

Having a shelving system is key to an organized home. Regardless of the interior design, keeping a kitchen clean and organized contributes to a more pleasing atmosphere. A disorderly kitchen can look tacky, busy, and can even make you and your guests feel uneasy. That’s why aside from good kitchen appliances, having shelves that serve as extra space to store and flaunt trinkets in your kitchen is always a smart choice.

Generally, shelves are often teen as furniture where you can put books or other objects on. While that is the main function of shelves, you can also get the most of it by turning if you try to. What you can do is turn it into a decorative element in your kitchen. This can add a unique touch to a space and allows you to express your aesthetics. 

At the end of the day, your home should reflect who you are. It should be able to represent your interests and personality. If you are someone who feels more creative and adventurous, you can try making your shelving unit stand out. With this, you can benefit from its function as it turns into a focal point of a room.

If you want to elevate the shelving system in your kitchen to fit the modern style, here are some ideas to consider:

Make a Floating Shelf

A floating shelf is one of the go-to ideas for shelving systems. They can also be considered as a classic style for shelves, but they represent a more minimalist touch in interior design. The modern aesthetic is about simplicity and cleanliness. A floating shelf embodies these perfectly. It fits with any other type of aesthetic as well. So, opting for floating is your safest choice. 

A floating shelf will not take a lot of space in the room. It is perfect if you have limited space to work with or are prioritizing other bigger furniture. Because you can customize it to fit your needs and preference, you can guarantee to have a shelf that is right for your space.

Go With Glass

One of the unique materials for any furniture piece is glass. Glass can de delicate and fragile which is not always good when you have kids at home. However, you can strategically design a shelf made with glass so they can be sturdy and stylish at the same time. Glass is also a fresh material to use in interior design because they exude a chic and urban vibe. If this is the mood you want to go for, then glass might be for you.

Glass can be versatile and will let you be more creative with the rest of your space. You can use a clear glass if you want a more camouflaged shelf, make a floating shelf made out of glass, or build a shelving unit made with glass too. Each choice will leave a lasting impression on your home.

Play With Shapes and Sizes

If you like to be more playful with your choices, you can build a shelving unit that integrates different shapes and sizes. Conversely, you can use the same technique and install them on your walls. Having a variety of shapes and sizes for your shelf makes it become an instant highlight of any room. It is bold and loud which can be a fair representation of your personality.

On top of being visually appealing, opting for a more uniquely shaped shelving unit can make it more personal to you. It can be used as a statement of your individuality and personal space to enjoy.

Build Custom Walls

If you are in the process of renovating your kitchen or entire home, consider having a custom-built shelving system in your walls. This type of style makes your shelving unit a part of your wall which adds uniqueness to the overall look of your home. At the same time, it is also a good way to optimize your space by making it look more spacious.

Since a custom-built shelf blends into your wall nicely, it also channels a minimalist take on organizing and home improvement. This is an innovative take on maximizing your space well to its full potential.

Work with Wood

Wood is probably the most widely used material when it comes to shelving units. However, the past few decades have been putting emphasis on color and vibrance. Woods are mostly painted in different colors to match the homeowner’s style. While color is beautiful and can be used tastefully, the contemporary aesthetic is focused on natural tones. Therefore, using wood in its natural color is a good option.

Modern aesthetics pays homage to the environment and is anchored on colors and hues that mimic nature. Browns and other neutral colors are popularized in recent years. To make this vibe consistent in your space, you can add natural elements such as flowers and plants on your shelf.

Use Your Corners

The most common way of using and installing shelves is placing them to or against the wall. You would often find them in the middle of the room or in areas where you can easily spot and see them. One clever of installing a shelving system is by placing them in the corners of a room. Generally speaking, corners are kept empty or sometimes in an awkward state most of the time. Some would simply throw in a pot, a plant, or other objects to cover them.

By using the most unused spaces in your kitchen, you can fully maximize it in style. Putting shelves in these areas does not take up a lot of space. At the same time, you can make an after-thought look like a special addition.

Key Takeaway

It is essential in any kitchen to have things that can help keep everything organized and clean. One of the best things to do in addressing this is to have a shelving unit that doubles as a stylistic element to your home. It’s an efficient way to hit two birds in one stone.

A shelving unit alone can be nice, but you can always amp it up to elevate your kitchen into a more creative space you can enjoy. From floating shelves to utilizing the corners of a room, you have a bunch of ideas to choose from to help you be more artistic with your choices. Ultimately, it is important to note that your home should be designed according to your taste. Whatever you think would best suit you and your lifestyle is something you should go for at all times.

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