6 Style of Custom Lipstick Boxes That You Must Consider

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When you talk about the cosmetic industry, every supplier is searching for new ways to give a creative look to the packaging of your product. They find attractive designs, box styles, and printed information for their product packaging. Therefore, they use completely unique packaging solutions to represent their product. Custom lipstick boxes allow you to choose any style you consider best for you. Apart from this, you can also choose the enlisting chunks as per your choice.

  • Styles 
  • Design 
  • Logo
  • Brand name 
  • Color schemes 
  • Add-on 
  • Window cut-outs 

Now it’s time to see what styles you can pick for your target audiences. Also, the style of your lipstick boxes must be attractive and easy to unbox for your target audiences. All the mentioned styles below work to pack your lipsticks nicely. 

Sleeve and Sliding Lipstick Boxes

The use of sleeve and sliding lipstick boxes gives a tremendous look to your lipsticks. Sleeve boxes are easily unboxed and user-friendly, putting a positive message in their customer’s minds. Also, you have the option to use any type of material and color combination for your custom lipstick boxes that pack your product safely. Such boxes are open smoothly and conveniently that look fabulously. It contains two parts, one works like a drawer and the other works as a sleeve. Due to this, such boxes are protective of packing your items and displaying them in the market. 

Pillow Shaped Boxes for Lipstick Packaging 

custom lipstick boxes

The next style is to use pillow-shaped boxes that you can use to pack your lipstick boxes. The pillow is unique to pack your items securely and look fabulous. It has soft die-cut edges that look spellbinding and easily carry in the customer’s hand. On this subject, you have the option to insert a handle on the top side of custom lipstick packaging. Due to this, pillow-shaped boxes with handles are perfect for packing your bulk lipsticks in one box. 

Flip-top Boxes For Lipstick

If you have the desire to give an appealing look to your lipstick packaging boxes, you have the option to use flip-top boxes. Such boxes are best to increase the value of your product and are an incredible option to use as lipstick storage boxes. Moreover, most brands use flip-top boxes with magnets to make you stand out in the pool of competitors. Besides, such a box looks stunning with rigid cardstock and provides strong walls to your lipsticks. Also, you use awesome color schemes to make them a pleasant choice for your customers.

However, sometimes brands use magnetic lid boxes to pack 6, 10, and 12-pieces of lipstick in one kit. For this purpose, brands use such boxes with lipstick trays and partitions. So, they use trays to place every lipstick container in their place to give stunning presentations of lipsticks. 

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Cylindrical Lipstick Boxes

As the name shows, such boxes are made by using geometrical shapes. They look like rollers and create with the pattern of a 1-piece lipstick box and 2-pieces lipstick boxes. In addition to this, if you want to make 1-piece lipstick boxes, then the lid is attached to the box. But if you are searching for 2-piece cylindrical lipstick boxes, the lid is separate and easily unboxed from your consumer. Add to this; you can place any kind of information and artwork on your custom printed lipstick boxes to make them perfect for your end-users. 

Seal-end Lipstick Boxes 

lipstick boxes

Another option is to use seal-end lipstick boxes that most brands use to create perfect lipstick boxes with logos. Such boxes are close to the bottom with quality glue and adhesive material. And it is the most common type of lipstick box that everyone uses with internal cardboard inserts that help your lipsticks jar to strongly stand in your place and prevent your products from damaging. 

Tuck-end Lipstick Boxes 

In the end, we talk about the most convenient and imperative box style that goes perfect for your custom lipstick packaging boxes. So, here we talk about the tuck-end lipstick cartons that have a strong structure for your lipsticks for their protection. Packaging suppliers offer two types of tuck-end boxes. Both are secure, so you can choose according to your needs. 

  • Reverse tuck-end 
  • Straight tuck-end 

The bottom and top closure lid flaps are open in reverse tuck-end in opposite directions. On the other hand, in straight tuck-end, both top and bottom flap lids open on a similar side. So, you can choose these boxes for your lipsticks packaging and adjust your content on these boxes easily.  

The Bottom Lines

The summary of the above-mentioned discussion explains what styles you need to pick to make the perfect custom lipstick boxes. On this subject, you need to choose unique options for producing stylish lipstick boxes. So, you can use sleeve boxes, flip-top boxes, cylindrical boxes, seal-end boxes, tuck-end boxes, and many other unique shapes as per your choice Learn More

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