6 ways to use the green screen in your online marketing strategy

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“Every green screen shot can be a little different, so you have to get creative. We recommend being topical and having fun with it! The green screen is a great way to add some life to your marketing efforts.”

Here’s how green screens make online marketing easier:

1) Appear in another place in seconds

One green screen photo can enable someone like me, for example, to appear in the Caribbean when I’m actually sitting in my office (with all four walls around me). That means you could share an article on Facebook about the best Caribbean hotels and look like you’re checking into one. This will also help your brand appear more authentic and give you a chance to show your audience what you can do.

2) Add green screen video to social media posts

This will add more depth and allow you to be even more creative in your storytelling. Adding green screen videos to Facebook and Instagram has helped brands like Red Bull and Disney increase engagement by over 200%. This will also give people the opportunity for an extra level of content that they don’t usually see on social media. When used this way, green screens are not only useful, but entertaining as well!

3) Create green screen ads for Facebook and other platforms

You could include green screen ads before YouTube videos or within paid search results (boosted posts). With green screens, the possibilities are endless when it comes to getting the most out of your ads. There are so many green screen videos you can find on YouTube, for free! Simply do a quick search and try it out yourself.

4) Add green screens behind e-commerce product shots

This will give the appearance that there is more depth to your imagery which could help boost conversions. Even if you don’t have green screen images of the product, green backgrounds will still make photos pop. This is especially useful for online retailers who sell products that people want to see before they buy. And since green screens are easy to shoot with any camera, this broadens accessibility even further for marketers without big budgets or resources at their disposal.

5) Look like an expert in video interviews

Speaking of interviews, green screens are a great way to add green screens to video interviews. This will help the subject of your interview look like they know what they’re talking about! You can step in front of the green screen and give insight from your product management perspective, for example. Green screen videos have been used by companies like Adobe and BMW, so you could do something similar with a green screen setup in your office or studio. You could also use green screens in educational or how-to videos where different step-by-step processes appear on green backgrounds.

6) Create green screen ads that pop

If you’re looking for a creative way to include green screens into ads without using people, try using logo green background images instead! This is always worth trying because green screens are perfect for creating green screen ads that really get attention. Some brands like Canon and Disney have used green screen logos in their advertisements (see examples here and here).

So there you go! There are 6 ways to use green screen backgrounds in your online marketing, social media, and video content. Do you want to know how green screens help you create green screen images?


There are green screen backgrounds at Shutter stock to help you create green screen images.

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Pro Tip! If you’re editing photos or videos using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro, try using the green/blue screen tool. It should be right in your “effects” panel after you add it to your presets.

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