7 Tips To Choose Best Websites To Sell Photographs

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As a photographer, do you wish to Sell Photographs and make some money online?  

The internet has made it easier than ever for all photographers to share and make money from their photographs online. There are several ways to do this. In this guide, we will highlight tips on choosing the best websites and best places to sell online.  

Whether as a newbie or professional, there are plenty of options available to you. Perhaps you want to sell on your website or sell your photos as stock photos, prints, photo books, portfolios, or products. But the quickest solution is to sell photographs online as stock photos. 

 You can start making a living as a freelance photographer by simply uploading your photographs and selling them on stock websites. But you will need to go through an approval process, and your photos must meet unavoidable standards for the quality and content. A setback in using stock websites is that you can only sell at a price sold at the stock website.

The payment method for stock websites is commission-based, and you don’t get to keep all the money made from the sale. You can either pick the best stock website or use multiple websites to increase your profits. But this is an exception to websites that require exclusivity and would demand that you only sell on their website.  

Choosing the best website requires enough research. Here are some tips for choosing the best stock website.   

Tips To Choose Best Websites To Sell Online 

Various skill levels in photography are in high demand now. Everyone from bloggers, publishers, and large and small businesses to publishers frequently buys photos online. With popular stock websites, your photos will get a lot of exposure. That explains why selling on stock websites is considered the quickest option.

This section simply contains a general overview of tips to consider when choosing a website to sell your photographs online. 

Decide Your Niche  

The first step to consider before choosing a website is deciding your niche. This will help you narrow down your target audience and aid your decision on which websites to sell your photographs on. Even if you are a professional photographer, choosing the wrong website that does not match your niche may slow your progress in the photography business.


Understand Stock and Non-Stock Photography Websites 

There are two types of eCommerce platforms for selling photographs – stock and non-stock websites. Understanding these two will help you decide which platform suits you best for selling your photographs.  

Examples of stock websites are Alamy, Shutterstock, Etsy, Getty Images, etc. They settle everything from marketing and web hosting to sales. Stock websites might be the most convenient option, but they have limitations.

Stock websites mandate that you comply with the rules regarding image resolution, sharing revenue with the platform, licensing rules. Some of these websites also pay monthly after you have accumulated a specific amount of money.  

 Non-stock photography involves selling your photos online to websites such as Fiverr, Shopify Expert, or networking to generate clients. It involves you building a personal brand and optimizing your social media profiles.

Additionally, non-stock photography allows you to handle the marketing and sales of your photographs. You are entitled to more profit, but it may take a while to sell your images. Non-stock websites also allow you to earn money whenever you make a sale.  

In contrast to stock websites, non-stock websites allow maximum control over your photos and branding, permit you to set your price, and sell any photos. But you will be required to follow its guidelines.  


Make Sure of the Legalities 

Although selling photographs online does not involve buying and selling physical objects, it still does not nullify the need for legalities. To safely transact online, you should be aware of the legal implications and consult the proper legal entities. 

As soon as every photo is produced, it is subject to copyright laws. In many cases, you own the copyright of your photos. But if you want to allow people to use the photos in specific ways, you will have to release the license. In simple terms, you can decide how the buyers of your photographs use them.  

You may not have full ownership of your photos in a few cases. Cases like this can occur when: your photos include identifiable faces, identifiable properties, contains works that are protected by copyright, you receive a commission to take those photos, and they are photos taken in your workplace. Moreover, if you are using paid photos to promote your work or business, the owner of such photos can sue you and file a case. 

Target Websites With Audience 

If you want to generate a better audience and prospects for your online photography business, you should target websites with an audience. Pick a website with a strategic branding system and an encouraging online presence that accurately portrays your craft.  

Pick a website with a target audience who will engage with your posts.  

Understand The System  

The best way to be profitable in starting your career as a photographer online is to understand the needs of the websites before choosing. Some websites might be interested in lifestyle, nature, etc. Bringing the wrong picture to them might cause a setback in your career.

Selling photos online will demand constant improvement in your skills. You must identify websites that sell your type and style of photographs. Know the kind of clients that patronize the websites and try to understand their needs.  



There are numerous platforms to sell your photos online. The choices are plenty and can be overwhelming. Ultimately, we recommend that you consider the tips written above and other helpful tips that you come across. That way, you can choose a website where your success will be guaranteed. It’s also essential to research before placing your hard-worked pictures on a specific site.  

We hope this guide helps you find the best websites to sell your photographs online.  Read More

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