8 Productivity Apps to Boost Study Sessions for Nurses

Let’s face it; nurses are awesome! They do their best to provide the best care to their patients despite the long working hours.


Also, consider that they have to juggle their personal and professional responsibilities, from spending time with the family to ensuring the administration of patients’ prescribed treatment. On top of all this, they have to keep studying to stay up-to-date with all the latest medical information and remain updated.


To do this, you will have to be productive with your time. Today, we will talk about the best programs to study for nurses. We will also talk about apps that can help make study sessions more productive. Let’s get right into it.


Best Nursing Program to Level-Up Your Career

The nursing field has many opportunities for a lucrative and fulfilling career. If you are looking to level up, you should consider furthering your education. There are many options at your disposal. One of them is a Master of Science – Family Nurse Practitioner program.


One of the many reasons for choosing the FNP program is because FNPs are in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for advanced nurse practitioners will grow by over 40 % by 2030.


Another reason is that FNPs are paid high salaries because of the high demand. PayScale reports that the average salary for an FNP is over $90k per year. The top-level FNPs, however, earn over $110k per year. That is some serious dough!


If you are interested in becoming an FNP, consider doing an online Master’s FNP program. An online program will be very convenient for you as you can do it from your home. In this way, you will save commute time, which you can put to good use like studying.


Talking about studying, let’s talk about apps that can help you make your study sessions more productive.

Productivity Apps to Boost Study Sessions


1. Eponyms

Medical eponyms are an established tradition used to honor people who identify diseases. The medical field has a lot of eponyms. According to Whonamedit? There are over 8,000 medical eponyms. So, how do you keep track of them? Well, that is where the Eponyms app comes into play.


The app has over 1,700 medical eponyms from the Andrew J. Yee database. You can quickly look up common or less known eponyms to learn about them. In addition, you can star eponyms you tend to forget to keep track of them.


You can also download the latest updates from within the app itself. Lastly, it has 28 different categories (Anatomy, Biochemistry, Metabolism, Cardiovascular, etc.) Knowing the medical eponyms will surely help you in your exams.

2. Brainscape

Brainscape can help you increase your retention. As a student, you will have to cover a lot of material to pass your exams. Brainscape uses flashcards to help you retain all that information through spaced repetition.


Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven technique. The basic idea is that once you memorize the information, you revise it using timed intervals, which increase over time. For example, after your first study session, you will review it 24 hours later, then 72 hours later, and so on. The app will automatically calculate the intervals for you, or you can do it manually (if you do not want to use the app). You can watch this YouTube video to learn how to space your revision sessions.


In addition, the app will intelligently repeat concepts you struggle with at optimal intervals for maximum retention. Furthermore, you can use flashcards shared by others or create your own. You have the option of sharing them with others or making them private. With Brainscape, you can optimize your study sessions and ensure you get the best out of them.


3. Human Anatomy Atlas

As a nurse, you need to know the human anatomy to perform assessments. That is where the human anatomy atlas comes in. The Human Anatomy Atlas app provides 3D atlas for human anatomy.


With more than 10,000 anatomically accurate 3D structures, the app is the gold standard in the industry. You can zoom, rotate to view from multiple angles, and pan. In addition to this, you can learn definitions for all the body parts, their explanations, and pronunciations. The app also has Latin terms for all the body parts.


You can use the app to enhance your knowledge of human anatomy and excel on exams.


4. Tide

We all struggle to focus sometimes, especially in this digital age where entertainment is always at our fingertips. Tide can help with that. It uses a scientifically proven technique known as Pomodoro.


The basic idea behind the Pomodoro technique is you work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. You increase the break period to 15 minutes on your fourth set and repeat the process. Using this technique, you can increase productivity during your study sessions and get the best out of them.


With the Tide app, you can customize your Pomodoro sessions and use a variety of sounds and music to help you focus. If you leave the app during your active session, you will fail. In addition to this, the app has features like:

  • Sleep
  • Nap
  • Meditation
  • Daily quotes for added motivation


5. Todoist

If you struggle with time management, Todoist is the app for you. With its simplistic design and efficient features, you will master time management quickly.


Todoist allows you to create to-do lists, set up reminders, and prioritize your to-do lists based on their level of urgency. It also has a handy language recognition tool that you can use to set a time for future tasks. Type in “study sessions on weekends at 8 p.m.,” and it will remind you to study every weekend at 8 p.m.


6. Epocrates

Epocrates is an app developed by a team of expert pharmacists, physicians, and associates.

According to feedback, Epocrates can help you save at least 20 minutes a day. With Epocrates, you get access to information on infectious diseases and their recommended treatments backed by experts. You can also read up on possible alternative medicines for those diseases.


In addition, Epocrates’ interaction check tool can help you learn about the deadly combinations of drugs. Time is your most valuable asset as a nurse and student. So, having all this information in one place can help you use it wisely.



7. Motion

Temptations are always lurking. They are at their strongest just when you need to be productive. Social Media and NetFlix are the main culprits. And since you will be using your laptop to study and take notes, things can go awry pretty quickly. That is where Motion comes in.


Motion is not an app. It is a chrome extension. However, it is a useful tool to help you be productive online. The extension’s free plan will block distracting websites like Facebook and YouTube during your study session. It does give you 60 seconds to check whatever you need. In addition, it will provide information on how productive you are online.



There you have it. You now have a list of 8 apps that can help you stay productive during your study sessions. However, remember that these apps will not magically make you more productive. You will still have to put in the required effort to see results Read More

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