A mesmerizing experience Nag Tibba

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A mesmerizing experience Nag Tibba, an ideal trek trail on the Himalayas, Uttarakhand. It’s also a fascinating trek which can also be accomplished by the beginner treks. Since it’s an easy trek. Anyone can finish off with no prior experience. The altitudes of this trek are 9915 ft. In total, a trekker will be covering 16 kilometers over 2 days. A minor shrine is enshrined atop the hill, from where one can have a spectacular notion of the entire Bandarpunch ranges of the Great Indian Himalayas towards the Yamunotri side. It’s also an ideal place for camping. As many of the trekkers, also fulfill camping under the dark sky with a pleasant sense. The Things to do in Nag Tibba, the best time to visit, places to explore here, and the things to carry are mentioned below

Things to do in Nag Tibba:

The things to do in Nag Tibba are a warm sunbath, Camping, Stargazing, Mediation, and Photography, etc are the things to do in the Nag Tibba trek. To the trekkers who wish to get a warm and mild sunbath, this trek is an excellent place for it. Apart from that, you can also be camping here. Camping is also permitted here. In addition to this comes Stargazing, which is adored by many trekkers here. A pleasant and calm vibe in the middle of the mountain. Also, mediation is indeed the best thing to do here. Apart from the city unrest, this would be a great place for mediation. Many trekkers love this activity under the huge sky and steady atmosphere. One most exciting and favorable activity for the trekkers is photography.

Many trekkers’ most fascinating things here to do is capture the dramatic mountains and clouds. To add to their journals. These mountains have a great impression after the climb. It is an ideal thing to do here. These are the few things to do in Nag Tibba. 

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Nag Tibba are Summer and Winter. Although you can heed to this trek throughout the year. These both seasons are considered as the best time to visit. If you are planning to attend during the summer and get a mild and warm sunbath then the appropriate month is from April to June. And if you want to look after the snow-capped hills and trails, and play around snow then winter would be the appropriate time. When the region experiences snowfall from October to December. You can also trek from January to March which is also analyzed as a great time to attend these treks. These are the best times to visit Nag Tibba. 

Places to explore here: 

The places to explore here are some significant villages, forests, meadows, waterfalls, and a few breathtaking views of the mountains. Since the initial point of this trek is Devalsari Village, you can also get a pretty good opportunity to explore the village and its adorable culture and tradition. You will also get a chance to explore the Pantwari village. Where you can learn about their lifestyle and there are also a few shops. While trekking you can also explore the deodar forest which is a thick and lush green forest, which gives a panoramic impression. There is also a meadow that gives a glorious glance to the journey.  In addition to this comes the wonderful waterfall where you can sit and wet your feet after a challenging trek trail. These are the few places to explore here. 

Things to carry:

The essential things to carry for this trek are shoes with good grip because sometimes the trail might be slippery, one pair of trek pants is also an essential thing to be carried, sunglasses and sun cap if trekking during the summer season, at least 2 pairs of socks, a personal medical kit a necessary thing to pack while departing for this trek, and part from this, you can also keep a backpack with sufficient toiletries and a torch, etc are the few things to carry. 


Nag Tibba is one of the mesmerizing treks which will give you amazing experiences. The trekkers need to take good care of their physical health before the trek. They should be fit and well-prepared physically. All the essentials must be carried.  This will provide an extraordinary trekking experience for all the trekkers. To the population who appreciate nature and adore the impressive view. It’s a must-visit trek. Many adventure enthusiasts accomplish this trek. And go with a heavy heart of memories. 
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