Addiction Among Software Engineers Could Rise

Society at large looks down on the problems of addiction and also the people who are addicted. While addiction is more common than most people think, the stigma associated with alcohol addiction and other drug addiction is high. Even people who are looking at the mobile phone as the first thing in the morning are addicted. Not to mention the increasing porn addiction among the people all over the world. That is why, at our Alcohol Rehab Austin center, we provide the best care and treatment for all our clients.


After the global pandemic, all industries have been under undue pressure either due to the lack of growth or due to the exponential growth of the demand. One such industry that has seen a meteoric rise in the past two years is the software industry. Almost all companies in the silicon valley and elsewhere are working non-stop to improve new products or roll out a new improvement on the product. This has increased the stress among the software engineers. Many have resorted to alcohol to cope up with the building stress. This in turn has caused an increase in alcoholism among the software engineers and tech industry workers.

Long Work Hours & Night Shifts Complicate the Issue

Another important reason for the rise in drug addiction among the engineers is the long hours of work. While many companies take pride in their flexible working hours and relatively shorter hours of work, there are hundreds of companies that still practice regressive practices in the workplace. As people are forced to work continuously they take solace in drugs that either enhance their performance or give them a break from their overstressed days. This is a serious issue and the effects are already visible on the demography. If you or any of your friends are facing such a high stress situation, it is recommended to take a break from work and refresh yourselves. However, if the substance abuse and dependence is high or if you have reached the addiction stage, then it is important that you seek professional help from a detox Austin center.


Get Best Care at Our Recovery Center

Nova Recovery Center is a renowned center for addiction treatment. With individualized attention for every client, we provide the best treatment for all forms of addiction in the state. If you are still searching for a reliable place to start your recovery journey, give us a call. We will be able to bring you out of the cycle of addiction.

Stay a Serene Environment After Treatment

If you are a software engineer, then you should probably live in a low stress and calm environment after the in-patient treatment. You can find many such places by doing a simple search for sober living near me. These centers will not have medical care but these places will give the urgent care that you need from your peers. It is also an ideal place to unwind yourself and put into practice all the important care and advice that you got from the addiction treatment.