What Are The Advantages Of Evaporative Cooling?

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Evaporative cooling is a process that refers to the naturally occurring cooling process via evaporation that offers a constant fresh air flow into your establishment or home. Water is circulated by evaporative coolers through saturated cooling media and at the same time, the air is drawn across the media surface.

This type of cooling is of two various types:

  • Direct cooling
  • Indirect cooling

In the case of indirect cooling, no moisture is introduced into the indoor area. But modern technology can blend the power of both methods and improve the evaporative cooler performance which can be up to 95% efficient.

Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative Cooling

How Is Evaporative Cooling Beneficial?

Find out about some of the main advantages of evaporative cooling:

Energy efficiency

With evaporative coolers, the operating expenses are much less than those of regular air conditioning units.

Eco friendly

There are various phase-out plans which can help obliterate the emission of some types of greenhouse gases. In various countries, emission regulations regarding greenhouse gases like carbon and R401a are getting stricter by the day. Naturally, the installation of regular air conditioning systems is becoming a costly risk.

However, with evaporative coolers, it is possible to get a 100 percent eco-friendly solution – which can reduce the consumption of water and electricity without any negative effect on the environment. An average evaporative cooler can consume as much as 10% less energy as compared to regular air conditioning systems. As far as water usage is concerned, it is a blend of indirect and direct evaporative cool techniques.

Fresh air

Evaporative cooling systems are most efficient when a small quantity of air from the outside circulates into the area where these are installed. This can help introduce 100% fresh air into the area and eliminate risks of inferior quality of indoor air.

Let’s you keep windows and doors open

Evaporative coolers need a continuous flow of air for operations as compared to regular air conditioning systems. Naturally, you can always get better quality and completely fresher air within your home or establishment. It can help reduce contamination risks.

Reduces ongoing and initial expenses

With the installation of evaporative cooling systems, you can reduce as much as 80% of operational expenses every year. Other than this, there is also the benefit of low capital investment. These types of systems have a lower cost when compared to regular cooling systems, and the installation expenses are also on the lower end as these have a simplistic design. The need for repairs and maintenance and expenses associated with the same is lower as well.


The purchase cost of a regular evaporative cooling system is as much as 50% less than that of a traditional air conditioning system. It is important to choose the right supplier who can give you advice about whether an Evaporative cooler can be suitable for your establishment.

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