Adventure with Nature: Fresh Glamping Experience

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Glamorous camping or glamping is supposedly a luxurious way to camp. It allows travelers to commune with nature without having to leave the comforts of home.


Some people do find it absurd, just as the people who’ve answered before me. But people do travel very differently and will prefer to experience certain things in a different way. Some do have the money to spend on luxuries that a pure camping experience cannot provide.


People who go “glamping” are looking to experience the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. It’s often down in areas where lodges and the structures aren’t available, but the taste for such amenities remains. 


So, ideally, you want to give people lots of ways to show their friends and themselves how outdoorsy they are while ensuring maximum comfort. Zip-lining is a perfect example of activity as are guided hikes and scenic tours. Good glancing experiences have tents that people can stand up in, ideally with chairs too. Washrooms that are a cut above the usual bucket toilets.


It’s also about commitment. Part of the joy of camping is roughing it. Being uncomfortable. Nobody ever shared a great camping story about how cozy they were. They’ll talk about the incredible stars, the loud crashing bush animal that turned out to be.


The concept of camping has changed over time, with new niche markets appealing to sustainable tourists. Glamping – short for “glamorous camping” – offers a way to experience the positive aspects of camping while minimizing the negatives. 


This paper aims to present the empirical findings of an exploratory study that examined tourists’ Web-reviews to identify the expressive dimensions that describe these travelers’ experiences.

Make your bed, the cozy way

Turning fitful, sleepless nights at camp into deep and cozy snoozes is a real luxury that you can’t put a price on. Make your bed as comfortable as possible and you’ve just about nailed glamping right there!


  • Air mattress. Your mattress is the key to good sleep. If you have an air mattress then make it even cozier by adding a mattress topper or duvet on top of it. And if it’s cold then put a blanket underneath the mattress for a bit of extra insulation.


Make your tent more luxurious

If you’re really serious about DIY glamping then you may want to consider investing in an oh-so-gorgeous bell tent. Yes, they don’t come cheap. But a good one should last you the rest of your days. Camp in at least once a year and it’s paid for itself in no time!


But most of you probably already have perfectly good family tents. So let’s get busy and make the best out of them.


  • Pretty light. Getting the right light inside your tent can transform the ambiance. We call it “girl-lighting” in our house: cold main lights off, warm table lights on. If your camping pitch has power then girl-light the heck out of your tent! I’m talking fairy lights, rope lighting, and table lamps. Opt for rechargeable lanterns and lights if there’s no power.


  • Hang some bunting. It may be kitsch and a little bit noughty, but glamping just ain’t glamping without bunting of some kind. Line your guy ropes with it, or hang it over the entrance of your tent. It will soften the utilitarian look of your tent and transform you back to another era instantly.

Key takeaway

Do you like to camp? Do you enjoy the great outdoors, or do you prefer a luxury hotel? If it’s too hard to choose, you can simply combine them. A sense of adventure awaits the intrepid glamper these days Learn More

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