All you want to know about Anna Strout 11 things we bet you weren’t aware about Anna Strout

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When you are the wife of a Hollywood actor, you are expected to have lots of air about it. A lot needs to be written about you in the mainstream press, film journals and ofcourse on social media. But Anna Strout is a different wife! Till the time it is not revealed that she is the wife of Hollywood star Jesse Eisenberg, most people might end up asking “Anna Strout who?” when asked about her.

Anna Strout

Here are ten things that will help you Anna Strout better.

  1. Anna was born in 1983. She is the only child of her parents Bob Arnove and Toby Susan Strout.
  2. Anna’s father is a writer and had written books like ‘Education and Revolution in Nicaragua’ and ‘Talents Abounds’ Anna’s mother was the Executive Director of a shelter named Middle Way House for victims of domestic violence. After she died in 2017, a street in Washington was named in her honour.
  3. Anna prefers to work behind the camera. She has worked as a production assistant in ‘Don’t Say a Word’ starring Michael Douglas (2001) and in ‘The Emperor’s Club’ (2002). Besides movies, Anna Strout has even worked with various documentaries in various roles.
  4. It was on the sets of ‘The Emperor’s Club’ that she met Jesse and soon became friends. They dated over 10 years before parting ways in 2012. Their paths again crossed in 2015 and they were engaged.
  5. After almost a decade of being together, the couple parted ways in 2012 and stayed away from each other till the end of 2015. Then just before Jesse left to perform at London’s West End, the couple got back together again and have remained inseparable since then.
  6. In 2017, the couple became parents to their son ‘Banner’. Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg are both very particular about their privacy and hence are very inactive on social media. While Jesse does have a social media account, he uses it more to promote his upcoming projects and to connect with his fans. But Anna does not have an active social media account. Infact, both don’t reveal anything about their personal life on social media at all.
  7. The couple stays in a Penthouse in New York’s West Village. They also have a house in Brooklyn.
  8. Anna Strout’s husband, Jesse Eisenberg, is best known for his roles in movies like ‘The Social Network’, ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘End of the Tour’ for which he has received a lot of critical acclaim.  
  9. While not much is known about her hobbies and her likes, she mentioned in one interview that she loves travelling, gorging on Italian food and also likes to binge watch web series.
  10. Apparently, her favourite star is not Jesse Eisenberg, but Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  

Anna Strout is truly different from your regular Hollywood wives. The couple is very secretive about their personal lives and hence not much is known about them or their family. Here’s hoping that the couple stays together forever!

Anna Strout


Other than being Jesse Eisenberg’s wife, very little is known about Anna Strout or her family. Here are ten things that you always wanted to know about Anna Strout! 


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