Amazing Uses of Pizza Sauce

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Among the fast foods, there is a great variety present that attracts the people from every corner towards fast food points to eat them. Some of them are famous regionally while some of them are top-rated in almost every country of the world. Pizza is considered the iconic symbol of fast food and is famous throughout the world. You could never find a country or even a city in the world that has no pizza-making shops.

The reason behind this popularity is the versatility and deliciousness of the pizzas. The thing that gives the typical taste and juicy texture to any pizza is the pizza sauce. The pizza sauce is simply made from tomato paste after adding some essential ingredients. However as pizza is famous worldwide and is versatile, the pizza sauce shows an almost similar trend.

Pizza sauce is no longer only pizza sauce as it is widely used in a number of dishes and could help you to make some delicious recipes as well. Following are some amazing uses of pizza sauce other than pizza and these are definitely going to blow your mind.

To Make Stew for Seafood

Seafood other than fish is usually eaten just boiled or roasted without having some extra taste of spices or sauces. However, you can add flavors to them as well by adding pasta sauce to them. The pasta sauce is used to make delicious stew for the plates of seafood. First of all, take some onions, garlic, and spices and fry them in olive oil.

Then take them and add pizza sauce to them. Add these fried ingredients as well along with some vinegar or lime juice and seasoning. Then, let it simmer for a few moments. After that, you can add your favorite type of seafood into this stew and let them cook for a few minutes. After that, you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Use for Pasta

Pasta is the most loved food on that planet. The popularity gained by it is unmatchable. However, the driving force behind the delicious tastes and versatility of pasta is the use of different sauces. Pizza sauce could be an ideal sauce to make your pizza delightful and try some new experiences as well. It is most widely used in tube-shaped pizzas that require some heavy sauces. You can also add cream to it and some seasoning to improve the taste further.

Cooking Meat

Have you ever eaten a lump of meat that is cooked on a slow heat or simply under steam? If yes then you must be aware of the taste and flavor, it is achieved. However, cooking it on low flames or steam while it is dipped completely in pizza sauce will definitely boost the level of taste it has. Doing so will help you to eat the most delicious meat piece ever.

The reason behind that is simple as cooking the meat on slow heat with some sauces will help the temperature in every part of that lump. Keep on cooking it till it starts to give appetizing smells. Once it’s ready, you can enjoy it along with the leftover sauce.

Use as BBQ sauce

Barbeque is one of the traditional ways of eating meat and is still popular all across the globe. You can use your pizza sauce for the BBQ as well. It could act as a great marinade along with salt, garlic, etc., and could double the fun. Other than that it can also be used in BBQ parties as a dipping sauce.


This is really a great dish made out of thin pasta layers and a great delight to enjoy this cheese-filled item with a white cream sauce and pizza sauce. Pizza sauce is a great sauce to pair with lasagna. You can either fill it in between the layers of lasagna or simply use it as a dipping sauce. You can use it either as a vegetarian or non-veg option by simply adding meat or vegetables respectively.
Now you know what to do with your leftover pizza sauces in Pakistan. Simply try to use them in these recipes and explore a new world of taste and fun.

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