An Expert Guide to Operate the Eero Pro 6 Router Effectively

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The Eero Pro 6 Router seamlessly covers 2000 square feet of area. Now you can say goodbye to the dead zone area from your house. After the setup of the Pro 6, the wifi mesh router works instantly to eliminate all the dead spots and fixes all the bugs and buffering in your internet connection. With the Eero Pro 6, wifi mesh technology can adapt your home space so that you can stream videos and do video calls to your loved ones without any kind of lagging in your wifi connection.

After the Eero router setup, you can connect it to the Alexa that can work on your commands. As if the setup of the Eero mesh router takes only a few minutes. It allows you to manage the network connection from anywhere globally. Moreover, it offers a Zigbee smart home hub that can make the setup process easier and provides a compatible network to connect the network to Amazon Alexa.

Eero Pro 6 Router Configuration

In the following walkthrough, we will learn how to configure the Eero Pro 6 Router network in your home. You will need a supported iOS or Android device with a data connection. The Eero app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, an active internet connection, a modern or a device with an upstream wifi connection to your internet service provider. An email address and an active phone number for activating and signing into the administrator account.

Step 1: Download the Eero App

Download the free Eero app from iOS or Android. But make sure that you will not be able to set up the system on a web browser. After installing the Eero app, disconnect your modem and then connect anything to it. After unplugging the modem from the smart wifi mesh router, open the Eero app and then follow the on-screen prompts

Step 2: Create an Eero account.

Enter your phone number or email address. We will send you a verification code via text message. Enter this code on the verification screen of the app to create your account. Another option will be to sign in to Eero Pro 6 Router using your existing Amazon account.

Step 3: Setup your Eero gateway.

Your gateway is the primary Eero device needed to establish the network connection. The Eero device will stay connected to the modem at all times.

First, unplug your old modem and router from power. If you have other wireless equipment connected to the modem, please unplug it as well. Connect the gateway of the Eero device to the modem by using the ethernet cable that came in the box. You can use either of the ethernet ports on the back of the Eero Pro 6 Router device.

Plug your gateway Eero device into an available power outlet then reconnect it to your modem to power it. Your Eero Pro 6 Router device’s status light will start flashing white. But you need to make sure that the router does not drop the wifi connection so place the wifi router and the modem into the same room.

Step 4: Create your Eero network.

After tapping Next, the Eero will begin to look for your new Eero device. Your gateway Eero’s LED will begin to flash blue and then turn solid blue once found. Once the Eero Pro 6 Router device has been detected, select a location for your Eero device. Enter your network name and network password. This is how devices will join your network.

If you are replacing an existing router, an easy option for choosing a network name and the password is simply to reuse your current network name and password. This way, you won’t have to reconnect devices that were previously on the network connection. If you use the same network connection and the password for your new network, ensure the old router is disconnected from the modem and the power. Tap Next and the Eero network will complete the setup

Step 5: Add the Eero device to the Eero network.

You can also use the Eero pro 6 reset button. Once you have set up the device to your gateway Eero, your new network has been created. Now you can begin adding additional Eero devices to extend the network connection. You can visit the activity tab to check the activity in your app and see how the Eero network can block the threats that are coming from the internet.

In the reset process that you can find from the settings of the Eero Pro 6 Router app. But before you do the reset of the Eero Pro 6 Router device, ensure that you have taken the restoration or the backup of your media or important files from the Eero app.


When adding Eero devices to your network connection then please keep in mind these setup steps. If you have a dead spot then try to place your new Eero Pro 6 Router device between the dead spot and another Eero device to ensure a strong wifi connection. Try not to place the Eero device Inside a media console, behind or underneath any large furniture. Also, avoid placing the Eero device in front or on top or under any electronic appliances. As the metal objects can block the wifi signal. Now that your Eero network has been set up, you are free to do all the things you love online like stream music, read, or play video games. For more information then please visit Learn More

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