Andrew Wallace MP – The 31st Speaker of the House of Representatives

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Andrew Wallace is an Australian politician who recently been elected as the 31st Speaker of the House of Representatives. He is a member of the Liberal Party and represents the Division of Fisher in the Australian Parliament. In 2016, he elected to his first term as a member of the Australian parliament and served as a Senator for the federal seat of New England. If elected, he would be the party’s first Muslim leader.

Before becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Wallace briefly considered a career as a barrister, carpenter, and Catholic priest. After deciding on the latter path, he joined the LNP and won by a margin of 70 votes to 59 votes. He was first elected to the Federal Parliament in 2016. He will replace the current Speaker of the House, Tony Smith. In addition to his experience in the Senate, Mr. ‘Wallace’ has been a strong advocate for families with children and disabled people, a cause he has supported throughout his political career.

House of Representatives:

As a member of the House of Representatives, Mr.Andrew Wallace MP will take over for the departing speaker, Tony Smith. As a former carpenter, he worked as an apprentice carpenter before establishing his own business and becoming a lawyer. He has extensive experience in construction law and has held various positions as a member of the Parliament. He is one of the most influential members of the Australian Parliament. This is why Mr. Wallace has the support of both sides of politics.

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Andrew Wallace MP New Speaker:

As the new Speaker, Mr. Wallace is an LNP MP who received the support of his party colleagues and defeated Labor’s nominee Rob Mitchell by a margin of seventy votes to 59. His election to the Federal Parliament will be a difficult test for the Prime Minister. However, he has earned the praise of both sides of politics for his exceptional leadership. When asked if he would be the next Speaker, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “We will see”.

A backbench MP, Andrew Wallace elected to the House of Representatives on a majority vote, beating Labor’s nominee, Rob Mitchell. He has been a strong advocate for vulnerable groups and has been a vocal critic of gay 31st Speaker lesbian marriage. The two have been close friends for many years. He was endorsed by his party and has strong support from both sides. A father, husband, and lawyer, Andrew Wallace has a long-term track record of serving the people of Queensland.

Mr. Wallace has elected to the House of Representatives as the Speaker of the House of Representatives after the former Speaker of the House of Commons, Tony Smith, was a carpenter, and an MP. He was 31st Speaker first gay person in the House of Representatives, and his nomination has a great deal of support from the community. It is the first time that a male member was elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Australia.

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