Apple MacBook Pro not turning on? Here is How to Fix it

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Apple MacBook Pro is very expensive and sturdy when you compare it to windows laptops Apple Macs do not crash or die that easily but if maintenance & service is done on time there are chances that the logic board may get heat and which can make burn some ic or SMC controller chip which makes your MacBook die hence we recommend you to get your Mac serviced at least once in 2 years and if you live somewhere where lots of constriction or industrial area in that case once a year is good enough. But do you know there are many small glitches your MacBook can come across. Mostly after an update or due to low battery. If you see your MacBook is not booting you. Here are a few tips you can try before taking to any Apple authorized service center in Mumbai.

Basic Tips:

There can be many reasons your MacBook is not booting. Possibly can be due to low battery. Hence always plug-in charger while testing. If there is any liquid spilled on your MacBook never put the plugin or turn it on. Take it directly to the local apple repair center for diagnose. Now once you plug the charger in you can give a try. As any new MacBook Pro do not have LED indicator in case if you get the chimes sound but no display, in that case, you can connect it to the external display or check the CAPS lock led. If there are functioning if yes that means the Mac is turning on but without display.

PRAM Reset:

This is completely safe to do. PRAM reset will never erase the data, so can you do it without any worry. The PRAM Reset can fix many small glitches in the Mac. To process PRAM reset you will need to turn off your MacBook Air. Now once you press the turn on the button immediately press and hold the Option, Command, P, and R keys on your keyboard. Do not release it until you see a flash on the screen. If this failed in 40 seconds which mean the MacBook may have any hardware issues.

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SMC Reset:

This is completely safe as PRAM. No data is lost when you will do SMC reset. But you will need a working charger in order to do it. The SMC Reset can fix glitches in the battery and it’s more like masking your MacBook completely sleep and then waking up many a time. When you get no sound on startup you can try SMC and PRAM both. The startup sound will be back. To process the SMC reset you will need to turn off the MacBook. Put the charger on once you have an orange led. On the charger you can press and hold Shift, Control, and Option on the left side of the keyboard. At the same time, press the power button to keep your eye on the charger led it will turn from orange to green and back to orange which means a successful SMC reset has been initiated.

M1 Chip:

If you are using an Apple MacBook Pro or Air remember PRAM Reset will not work on it as they work a little differently. The M1 chip does allow you to customize the setting of the memory using terminal NVRAM but they don’t allow you to reset the NVRAM. Apart from the m1 MacBook, this will work on all the devices of Apple notebook.

Apple Repair Center:

If all the above did not work then you can search in Google for reputed “Apple care near me” for further diagnosis. There are high possibilities this can be a hardware issue. The apple certified may take 2hr to get it to diagnose it. Once you get the diagnosis report you can discuss the terms and warranty along with the estimated time it is needed for repair. In case your MacBook is a vintage model and apple disagree to diagnose it. You can check with any third-party reliable apple repair store for the repair. There are many apple repair center in Mumbai who does work on vintage models even many of them do keep the parts in stock.


The cost of hardware repair of any MacBook can be anywhere from 8000-15000. Mostly depending on the parts which are damaged and availability of parts. If the parts are not easily available they need to be imported from other places. Hence the logistic cost can increase the pricing. Most of Apple Authorised Service center will not repair the logic board. Instead they go for a replacement if your budget is limited make sure to check with third-party repair centers. Their cost of repair will be very much affordable compare to Apple Store.

Buyback Option:

If for any reason the cost of repair is going very high or impossible to repair due to no availability of parts. In that case you can get in touch Apple Authorised Service center in Mumbai to check if there is any buyback option. Where you can give your device and get new MacBook with the discount. We have seen even on dead Macs you can easily get a discount of 10000 INR etc.

Data Recovery:

If there is any important data the possibility of data recovery can depend if the hard drive or solid-state drive of the Mac can be removed. If yes then you don’t need to worry as your data is fully safe and can be easily recovered from the hard disk. The cost of data can minimal wherein if the storage of the device is inbuilt the data recovery cost is very much expensive, and many a time it is not even possible to recover the data.

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