Are You Looking for a Dependable Online Tuition in Singapore?

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In Singapore’s competitive education system, parents are worried about their children achieving academic success. Between “hard” to “struggling,” some parents receive advice to find help from private home tuition agencies or online tuition in Singapore. However, searching for a home tutor for your children isn’t that easy because of the numerous home tutoring services in Singapore.

Some parents are afraid that their children might not get the “best” tutoring service. Others fear that their kids might not get along with the teacher/tutor.

And this is where FamilyTutor comes in.

We never try to be the “best.” We try to be suitable for your children’s education

FamilyTutor is a private online and home tuition agency that understands what parents (and students) are going through when it comes to the tutoring scene. Our track record will show you that we have served thousands of families and students in Singapore for many years. Our tutors never try to be the “best.” Instead, they do their best to be “suitable” to the children’s needs.

FamilyTutor has your children covered

If you are looking for a dependable online tutor in Singapore, take a look at a few things about FamilyTutor:

  • Highest level of satisfaction (Take a look at our online reviews).
  • Each child/student is in good hands (Tutors are all well-selected).
  • Zero agency fee (Pay only for the price stated, no hidden fees)
  • Most family-oriented online tutors (Especially now with a pandemic still raging, online education is of utmost importance).

FamilyTutor has the largest active database of top quality and experienced tutors in Singapore, each tutor being suitable for the student’s needs. Our simple vetting and detailed shortlisting process ensure parents that we have only the most suitable tutor to match their needs and requests.

This means that we have the quickest and most comprehensive list of committed and dedicated tutors in Singapore.

We have the most guaranteed affordable tuition rates at market value with ZERO agency fees. Our friendly tuition agents are responsive and efficient, providing the best quality customer service.

FamilyTutor even provides commitment-free trial lessons to test out tutor-student suitability and ensures that your children’s needs are focused on.

We are recognized and have been presented with awards by major media outlets in the country such as Corporate Live Wire Singapore. We also collaborate with graduate and undergraduate online tutors from prestigious Singaporean educational institutions such as the National University of Singapore and Singapore University of Technology and Design, to name a few.   

Problems encountered by children of all ages

Even in this modern age of almost unlimited information, the internet, and computer technology, students of all ages still encounter difficulties and struggles in academics. Thus, the need for online tutoring in Singapore by parents and students is greatly emphasized.

Often, you hear parents complaining that students today do not pay attention to classes or do not put in the proper work, time, and due diligence. It’s not wholly the students’ fault. The partial culprit is attributed to a lack of interest.

Many students fail to understand concepts and their proper applications. As these misconceptions accumulate, they start to lag and find it hard to keep up with the lessons and teachers. Many experience being scared to ask questions in class for fear of being taunted by their peers or even the teachers.

Another part of the problem is the often ineffective memorization techniques, and so, students cannot remember important information and definitions that are so crucial to tests and exams. And because they cannot structure answers well, students cannot score high marks and worse, fail to understand true concepts that prove useful later in life.

In mathematics alone, students fail to perform correct calculations and deduce accurate solutions to math questions and problems. Thus, they become prone to mistakes and get failing grades.

FamilyTutor is attuned to your special needs

The present pandemic has shown the need even for families to take advantage of present technology and online communication tools, especially with the stoppage of all face-to-face classes and physical tuition lessons. The online tutor in Singapore service of FamilyTutor solves this problem and allows families and their children to have online tutorial classes.

If you need more information or have inquiries about our online tutors, you can go to or directly fill out our request form at

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