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Auroson is a social network based on Ethereum Blockchain that allows people to easily and safely share data. Auroson provides users with the opportunity to gain rewards by sharing their personal information, such as their interests and activities. The more you interact with the platform, the more tokens you earn.

Good for the society

auroson is a research organization that was founded in 2016 in a desire to do something good for the society. We are focused on bridging the gap between technology and social sector.

auroson is the world’s first B2B marketplace for buying and selling used cars. It makes car trading simple, hassle free and enjoyable. We help you buy or sell your car with zero brokerage fees, in less than a minute! Please visit to learn more about our platform

auroson is one of the leading artificial intelligence and machine learning software companies in India. The company provides solutions to industries including healthcare, retail and banking.

Virtual Nurse

auroson is an AI-based Virtual Nurse that can diagnose, screen and monitor patients through intelligent conversation and interact with physicians to improve the quality of care.

auroson is a smart AI-enabled platform that enhances employee engagement, productivity and performance through leveraging emotional intelligence. Our mission is to become the first choice for businesses by providing affordable, flexible and easy-to-use solutions that deliver measurable ROI.

auroson is an AI platform that will allow businesses to understand their employees and customers in order to increase productivity and sales, which results in a better world.

Professional network

Auroson is the world’s first decentralized, tokenized & self-regulating professional network powered by blockchain. By providing validated and verified profile data of each user, our service enables businesses to connect and engage with more qualified leads at lower costs.

auroson is the world’s first universal platform to be used for all the financial needs of people. It empowers every individual to live their most cherished dreams with complete peace of mind.

Auroson helps you build, manage and grow your business. We offer a range of integrated solutions to manage all your business needs. From accounting, inventory management and tax filing to HR, CRM and marketing automation, we’ve got you covered.

Solar Energy Startup

Auroson is a Solar Energy Startup that generates electricity from solar energy. It aims to provide an affordable and easy-to-use solar power generation system for residential, commercial, industrial and utility customers.

auroson is the world’s first intelligent wireless headset that leverages 3D audio technology to let you hear sounds from all directions. Enjoy a richer and more immersive soundscape with its cutting-edge directional audio capabilities.

auroson is a leading global provider of IT solutions and services. For over 23 years, auroson has been helping businesses and organizations across the world to optimize their performance through technology innovation and best practices.

Investing small amounts

auroson is an online platform for investing small amounts of money. It makes use of the blockchain technology in order to create a decentralized community that will be responsible for all the operations involved in operating this investment platform, including investing, withdrawing and trading tokens.

auroson is an AI-powered platform that offers proprietary technology to support the development of life science companies.

auroson is India’s first fully integrated network of hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers. We provide high-quality affordable healthcare to all, making health easily accessible in the city through our efficient network of hospitals and clinics.

Company of Aurolab

auroson is a company founded by the parent company of Aurolab – one of the largest and most experience food manufacturer in India. It offers an array of products which are produced under strict quality standards and inspected by experts. is a social networking community with the unique concept of shared id. This allows users to be in touch with people around them and helps in reducing loneliness and making friends. With this concept, you can easily get to know more about your neighborhood and make new friends.

It is a world’s first blockchain-based global P2P ecosystem with customized digital currency to empower the next generation of financial services.


auroson is an online marketplace for the global trade of gold. It allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

auroson is the world’s first and only artificial intelligence powered virtual health coach. It helps you design your life using game-based coaching methods that are as effective as they are fun to use.

auroson is an online platform that provides an opportunity for real-time interaction between customers, travelers and travel agents. Our users can plan their vacations with just one click and access multiple options across flights, hotels, rental cars, activities and many other products in the travel industry.

Level of expertise

Auroson’s goal is to provide language students with the right tools and resources. No matter what your level of expertise, we can help you learn, improve, and enhance your skills.

auroson is the largest online product information database in India. It has handpicked and verified product information from over 100 websites and presents it to you in a single, structured interface. With the ability to search across categories and brands, we enable you to find the best products for your needs.

uroson strives to make education affordable, an effort that will considerably benefit students worldwide and change lives by supporting personal growth and professional development.

Digital assistant

auroson is an AI-based digital assistant that helps you to convert your data into insights. It is available on mobile and web platforms such as Android, iOS, and Web. It enables you to do various tasks such as managing your calendar, getting latest news, searching for local events and much more by just talking to it. Auroson even speaks in English, Hindi and many other languages.

auroson is an on-demand web development company. It provides complete range of web and mobile solutions for startups, small businesses and enterprises.

auroson is an online platform for buying and selling of products and services. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to buy, sell or exchange your products in a simple manner.

Chat interface

auroson is an AI based platform that provides you with personalized nutrition guidance using a chat interface. With just a few clicks, it recommends products and recipes that match your nutritional needs.

auroson is the first and only augmented reality platform that enables you to 3D print real-world objects in AR, without any prior knowledge of 3D modeling or development.

auroson is an interactive platform for learning the basics of the programming language “Go” in the most entertaining way. The platform provides a comprehensive and step-by-step guide for students and teachers to learn Go together.

Develop their skills

auroson is developed to help students develop their skills and gain knowledge on the go. The app was launched in the year 2016. The company has many apps under its belt.

auroson is a platform where people from all over the world can share their knowledge, skills and experiences in the form of courses. It also serves as a repository for some great courses already available in the market.

It is the world’s first social networking platform that empowers people to create, share and implement visual goals. Auroson helps you visualize your dream life today, tomorrow or anytime in between. Every day Auroson users commit to a vision for their lives, which serves as a reminder of what they want to achieve. Some use it as motivation to improve their character while others use it as a reminder of how they want to live every day. And some just enjoy sharing inspiring stories from other users on the platform. By using Auroson, you will be able

Health wellness

auroson is an advanced, premium health wellness platform that provides accurate medical grade data and actionable insights to optimize your body.

It offers products and services including facilities for the management of production, procurement, logistics, marketing and after-sale services.

auroson is an augmented reality platform that uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide immersive experiential learning for children. It brings the world of animals alive in the classroom, on campus and at home.

We connect sellers and customers using the most advanced tech and AI. We bring you the perfect balance of technology, ease and transparency in a single app.

Music distribution platform

auroson is the next generation of music distribution platform. We aim to provide artists with the best tools to create, market, and distribute their work. With our Blockchain technology, we aim to disintermediate the existing relationship between artist and fan. Artists will be able to directly interact with their fans on a peer-to-peer basis without any middleman involvement.

auroson helps you automate your repetitive tasks by providing an intuitive and simple to use Artificial intelligence interface that can be used from your browser or smartphone. With the help of auroson, you can achieve more with less efforts and make your workdays more productive. Whether it is creating a meeting note, updating a spreadsheet or making sales calls, we help you save time & effort.

auroson is an online platform that provides market analysis and portfolio management services to investors. With the help of our sophisticated algorithms, we provide in-depth market analysis along with valuable portfolio insights based on your risk appetite and time horizon.

Bionic prosthetic

auroson is the world’s only bionic prosthetic arm that enables users to perform fine motor skills. We bring together sensors and actuators to provide users with intuitive control over their bionic hand, allowing them to grab objects just as they would with a natural limb.

auroson is the cure for an aching world. It is your everyday companion that keeps you in sync with your inner self and also helps you get better acquainted with yourself.

auroson is an AI-powered platform which helps you to find professional healthcare services from top hospitals and doctors. Why waste time surfing the net for hours, trying to get in touch with a doctor? Simply visit and get instant access to the best healthcare providers in your city.


auroson is a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem that enables the exchange of knowledge and intellectual property in the most efficient way possible. It reduces costs, protects intellectual property, and ensures that all profits are fairly distributed.

Nothing is more difficult than finding a reliable and affordable housekeeper. Auroson changes that. We match you with the perfect housekeeper based on the service they offer, so you can relax while your home gets cleaned.

auroson is an online platform for booking appointments with doctors. We are working towards making hospital visits more convenient and hassle-free. With our app, you can browse through the profiles of expert doctors from all over the country, check their availability and book appointments.*

auroson is an intelligent AI-powered device that monitors and analyses the user sleep patterns and provides information about the quality of sleep.

Software Development Company

auroson is a software development company. It is among the top-most leading companies providing web and mobile app development services in India. It is known for its proficient workmanship, professional approach towards client requirements, quality of service and cost-effectiveness.

auroson is the decentralized app for investing in crypto assets, trading and portfolio management. This platform allows you to invest in a range of financial products including spot, options and futures contracts on cryptocurrencies.

auroson is an online platform, which is set to transform the way people buy gold, silver and diamonds. Our customers can now browse through all the products with ease and get them delivered at their doorstep without any hassle. The best part? We offer these at the lowest prices in India!

Superior Quality Health Care and Medicines

auroson’s goal is to provide superior quality health care and medicines to all at an affordable price. Unlike regular pharmacies, auroson helps you access genuine branded drugs and get them delivered right at your doorstep within 2 hours of placing the order. Ordering medicines online is now convenient, quick, and hassle free!

auroson is a platform that provides you access to the newest and best in education and training. With auroson, get the skills you want to help your career or business flourish. auroson offers courses taught by experts and professionals that are up-to-date on the latest industry trends and standards. You can use your time more effectively with our adaptive learning technology – learn faster than ever before!

auroson is an all-inclusive platform that helps you to find & book everything for your travel experience. We partner with the best hotels, resorts, tours and activities in the world, giving you access to the best of all worlds.

Smart Home Solution

auroson is an IoT based smart home solution that helps manage the energy consumption, track various parameters and helps save money.*

auroson is an online service that helps you buy, sell and rent real estate. We act as a property portal with rich data to help you make the most informed decisions of your life.

We are building an auction- platform that will be the largest international diamond trading ecosystem in the world with transparency, accuracy and traceability.

auroson is an Intelligent Robotic System that is going to improve your quality of life. It also allows you to keep your independence and enjoy the company of your loved ones for longer periods of time.

Robotic arm

auroson is the world’s first robotic arm for suction and irrigation that enables surgeons to perform precise, minimally invasive brain surgeries.

auroson is an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange that serves as a gateway for customers to trade in the emerging digital economy.

aurosOne aims to be the biggest platform for music makers and listeners. We provide a space on which creative people can showcase their talent, collaborate with others and find new opportunities for growth. Our web app is super-easy to use, and allows you to create songs with just a few clicks. We not only connect artists to each other but also provide access to studio equipment for recording, sharing music tracks and even creating your own unique beats.

Top news

auroson provides you real-time access to top news, market updates and financial insights for high net worth individuals with a focus on the Middle East. What makes us different?  We also provide 100% customized portfolios based on your goals or risk appetite and an array of wealth management services to assist you along the way.

auroson is an implementation of AURO’s Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) that provides both hardware and software interfaces for embedded Linux devices.

auroson is an online platform that matches businesses seeking for talented employees with the best candidates. It offers affordable, quick and easy access to incredible talent pool from the Middle-East region.

B2B product

auroson is a B2B product that enables small and medium scale businesses to offer their customers an online shopping experience.

auroson is a global platform that connects business travelers with the best hotels. We match your travel requirements with customised offers from leading hotels in your chosen destination and help you save time and money.

auroson is an online platform that offers home delivered food and beverage products, snacks, grocery items to its customers.

With auroson, you can instantly translate any conversation in 60+ languages. Use it to communicate with people from different cultures and countries – whether you are traveling or communicating with someone whose native language is not the same as yours.

Home service providers

auroson is an online platform where you can find and book the best home service providers. Whether it’s plumbing, air-conditioning or other home services in your locality, all under one roof.

On a mission to make the earth greener, Auroson is a blockchain-based platform that aims to fix the carbon credit trading system. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can trade carbon credits and purchase energy efficient and renewable energy certificates.

auroson is the first decentralized community for music. We are a music streaming service like Spotify, Pandora and iTunes that allows you to listen to free music on your mobile device.

auroson is a chatbot that helps you to find an apartment in the desired location with price, lifestyle and other preferences.

auroson aims to be the biggest and most rewarding platform for smart phone users. It is an application that provides you with information based on your location, with the help of which you can earn rewards. such a user can easily use this app without any hassle.

Breakthrough technologies

Auroson builds breakthrough technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. We are an innovative team that aims to solve some of the biggest challenges in these two rapidly-growing industries.

It uses machine learning algorithms to gain insight into the competencies of candidates and predict their performance outcomes. **  It combines multiple datasets (yours, candidate’s) to predict future performance and reduce hiring risks.

auroson is the smartest and easiest way to learn music online. We are building the future of music education by combining machine learning with real-life instruments and our expert curation to make learning music fun, interactive, and personal for every student.

Desired skill

auroson is a platform that connects you to experts who have experience with your desired skill. It is an on-demand marketplace of professionals who will help you master any skill in life. Whether it’s photography, running or cooking – we provide you a platform to learn from the best without losing time and money.

auroson is the world’s first Augmented Reality Audio-Visual Operating System. It allows you to create and experience augmented visual worlds with your audio reality.

auroson is an innovative technology that allows you to access your digital content anytime and anywhere. With auroson, your photos, videos, music and other files are always with you – on any device. It’s simple!

It connects you to domestic help and housekeeping services, at an affordable price

auroson is your one-stop-shop for all your health needs. From idea to execution, we develop and provide publishable content that gets results. Our proprietary AI-enabled platform provides complete control over every stage of the health lifecycle – from your creative idea to wide distribution

auroson is a web-based platform that enables you to create, sell, and manage your own self-publishing products.

auroson is an online platform that connects the best wedding planners in Delhi with the most discerning brides. We have curated the best wedding planners who are experts in their respective fields.


auroson is an online portal that gives you the option of booking for affordable and safe cosmetic surgeries in India. It also provides you with information on all the steps involved in this process, right from the cost and type of surgery to doctor profiles. The aim is to make it easier than ever before to book your procedures at your service provider’s clinic or hospital of choice.

auroson is the world’s first platform that allows users to create their own wealth management strategies. The platform uses artificial intelligence to build investment portfolios and offers 24/7 access to financial advisors, market data, and trading.

auroson is a decentralized platform that enables the real-time management of sports, events and other large-scale activities. The platform manages the communication between organizers and participants, while providing valuable data to both parties and sponsors.

Team of passionate

We have a team of passionate individuals who are working towards bringing the best music from across genres to you. Our users can discover new songs every day and connect with amazing artists.

Auroson is a medical equipment rental platform that provides the best medical devices online. It offers top-of-the line products at an affordable price, along with flexible and easy payment plans.

auroson is an AI-powered app that helps you choose the best mobile phone for yourself. Get the best deals, exclusive offers and make smarter decisions before buying your new phone.

auroson is a decentralized platform for social good. It is a non-profit organization that connects socially impactful organizations with volunteers, donors, and sponsors. It is an ecosystem where users can easily discover and contribute to social projects.

auroson is the next generation platform for investment and capital markets

Log into auroson, create your profile and start making connections with people you know. You can even find people in your area to connect with for dating!

auroson is an easy-to-use app that allows you to have your very own personal driver

auroson is a platform that provides you with everything you need for your start-up. From idea to execution, we develop and provide publishable content that gets results.

It enables an individual to discover, consume and share quality content on various subjects like music, books, movies etc.

auroson is the future of education – a digital platform that offers students online tutoring and test preparation powered by AI. With our revolutionary patent-pending technology, we have designed to be your virtual tutor, mentor and friend. Students can take tests on auroson and get instant feedback about their performance in real time.

Users find

auroson is an app that helps users find, book and pay for the best outpatient treatment in India. Using advanced machine learning algorithms and sophisticated data science techniques to ensure that patients receive optimum care.

It provides access to all the services they need in one place, with a single login. The platform also helps companies find funds and talent.

auroson is a smart speaker that provides complete security for your home.

auroson is an AI platform solution that detects the location of multiple vehicles on a road and predicts their movements. It provides real-time data to optimize traffic flow and reduce travel time, accidents, and pollution.

Auroson provides access to audiobooks with the world’s largest collection of ebooks and audiobooks

Here, you can find mentors, advisers, coaches, trainers or any other professional services needed by your business.

auroson is an online platform that enables small business and entrepreneurs to learn, connect, share and earn. It is a virtual marketplace of knowledge-sharing, where people can get advice on their problems and concerns from experts.

auroson is the best way to discover and listen to more music online

Auroson is an AI-enabled platform that provides opportunities for customers to securely and seamlessly integrate services from multiple vendors Read More

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