How to Avoid Getting Your Sweden Work Permit Rejected

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Every year many hundred thousand people apply for a residency permit in Sweden. Each year many of those get approval and start living there. You can estimate the number of applicants by the fact that only in 2020, Sweden has approved about eighty-nine thousand applications of residency permits in different fields.

However, not everyone is awarded a residency permit. The rules and regulations regarding residency permits are strict in every developed country, particularly in Swede. The reason behind that is that the law and order situation is very excellent there and law enforcement agencies try their best to prevent the country from criminals.

Criminals might invade in the form of immigrants and could harm the country’s integrity. Therefore immigration Laws in Sweden are very strict and even slight mistakes are not forbidden. The purpose is just to keep the country safe from any type of group of criminals that might also be sent by the opponents to destroy the peace of the country.

You might also make some mistakes while applying for a residence permit and this could result in the rejection of your residency permit. Following are some top ways that can help you to avoid getting your work permit rejected.

Providing All Information

The first step is to provide all your information in the application form to the Swedish residence agency. Make sure that you have provided authentic information about yourself and your previous occupations. Your designation in the previous country of your residence should also be mentioned. This will help the agency to verify your documents and information provided by you.

Another important thing is to attach the certificate regarding your criminal activities in the previous country. You must not have been involved in any criminal activity to get that certificate. This certificate will be provided by the country where you were previously living and will be verified by the country for which you have applied for residency.

Passport and Its Validity

Your passport is an important thing in this regard. Make sure that you have attached a copy of your passport to the application form of residency. Passport will help the residency agency to verify everything regarding you. Moreover, you cannot move out of your permanent country without a passport.

So make sure that your passport must be valid and it must not have expired yet. In case you have a damaged passport, make sure to renew it before applying for a work permit in Sweden to avoid the rejection of your application. 

Explaining the Purpose of Getting Permit

Another important thing that should be kept in mind while applying for a residency or work permit in Sweden, is to explain the purpose of getting that permit. For example, if you are planning to move to Sweden in order to start your own business set up there, then you must clearly explain your idea, the source of investment, and all the permissions and certifications. You must also have registered it for tax as well.

Similarly, if you are planning to move there for working as an employee, then it’s not like a typical work-finding journey. You must first get hired by someone in Sweden and then you can apply for a residency or work permit. The application will be approved only if the company which has hired you must be a legal and registered company.

Things to Avoid

Certain things cause your work permit to get rejected. Avoid these things to increase the chances of accepting your application. These things are:

  • Invalid Travel Insurance
  • Lack of a proper reference certificate
  • Providing unauthentic information regarding your status in the previous country of residence
  • Involvement in some criminal activities
  • Providing false information regarding your driving licenses, etc.

If your work permit application has already been rejected by the Sweden Government, then again apply for it keeping the provided information in mind. This will surely help you in getting the work permit.

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