Beard Grooming Advices You Must Keep In Mind

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Beard grooming is an essential component of developing, maintaining, and styling facial hair. In fact, a well-groomed beard is crucial to proper beard care since it shows that you’re prepared to put in the effort to clean, maintain, and care for your beard. While it is simple to care for your beard, it is vital that men master the fundamentals of washing, combing, brushing, trimming, and style to achieve the ideal beard. 

1. Be patient with your beard

A genuinely magnificent beard is the result of self-control. When you initially begin growing, fight the impulse to cut or style it, and instead leave it alone for the first 4-6 weeks. This will allow the hair to grow evenly (some grow quicker than others) and will assist you in selecting a style that matches its length and thickness. With that said, every guy’s hair grows at its own pace…a healthy lifestyle, excellent nutrition, and exercise can help speed up the process a bit,” says Scott McMahan, Art Department celebrity groomer who has worked with Josh Brolin, Future, Matt Dillon, Lakeith Stanfield, and many more. 

2. Clean and moisturize your beard 

This is especially crucial in the early stages of development, because blocked food and skin cells can aggravate irritation. It’s not only about the hair but also about the skin below. The most crucial step in caring for the beard i.e cleaning and conditioning it. Scrub your beard several times each week using a specialist cleanser, such as The Man Company Beard Wash (or salicylic acid-containing medicated dandruff shampoo), then gently pat it dry. Excessive towelling can cause frizz and split ends. A proper beard wash is the first step in caring for the beard you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. A clean beard lowers irritation, avoids dry white flakes or dandruff, and encourages healthy development.

But resist the urge to use the bar soap or hair shampoo you have on hand the next time you take a shower. These products will cause more damage than good, resulting in undesirable face hair or dry skin. To keep your beard and skin nourished and healthy, use a specially developed beard wash and conditioner with soothing ingredients. A moisturising beard soap from The Man Company helps keep your facial hair smooth and protected. Furthermore, a clean and conditioned beard provides a far better foundation for grooming and style.

3. Never skip beard oils 

“Beard oils may be troublesome. Some are very hefty. Some are very gleaming. Some people are feeling parched. Try as many as you can. When it’s the one, you’ll know. The Man Company beard oil is a tried-and-true favourite, created with a combination of natural, organic, and vegan oils (including argan and jojoba, to mention a few!). Beard oil works best when applied to a slightly damp beard straight after a shower, even if you didn’t use shampoo and conditioner. Simply squeeze a few drops into your fingers and massage them into your beard to make it simpler to manage.

4. Care for the moustache too 

Unless you’ve gone with a chinstrap, which we really hope you haven’t, growing an enormous beard also entails growing a moustache. Minor cuts every three to four days will keep stray hairs at bay and keep your moustache appearing clean. With a pair of grooming scissors, focus on the region around your philtrum (the area under your nose), and maintain it naturally shaped with a medium-hold wax, such as The Man Company beard wax. 

5. Take your vitamins 

If you want to grow your beard, it is really important to  Your beard is composed of protein and lipids, but it also relies significantly on Vitamins B5, B3, and B9. That means plenty of lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and leafy greens. If you’re serious about losing weight, you may round out your diet with a supplement or food that helps in weight loss. The vitamins in many beard growth products such as in The Man Company beard oil can be a useful boost to increase beard density and maintain it. 

6. Use beard balm

Beard balm, also known as utility balm, is another substance that may be used to nourish your beard. While beard oil will instantly absorb into your beard and skin to hydrate and moisturise, beard balm will take its time and linger on the hair for a longer period of time, akin to a leave-in conditioner.

A balm is intended to condition the beard gradually for long-lasting results and a lustrous beard. This thick, pomade-like product from The Man Company, can help you tame split ends, flyaways, and any stray hairs that make grooming your beard more difficult. It also prevents your beard from drying out over the day. 

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