Before you renew your license and buy a car, you must watch the car inspection guide + matters needing attention

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How much does the inspection cost? What’s the test?

Car inspection cost is a necessary stage for every car owner. Whether buying a new car or a used car, the car owner must know that a car with a vehicle license plate (commonly known as a “drive permit”) for 6 years must undergo an annual car inspection. It is possible to apply for renewal of a vehicle license plate that is about to expire; in addition, the general car owner will also “put on the shelf” to inspect the car when buying a car. When buying a car for the first time, especially new owners who buy a used car, they may be full of question marks about the inspection process and required documents. Kew hoong will explain the inspection process and precautions in detail, and easily solve the cumbersome procedures of car inspection and renewal! Check car in Malaysia like naza citra

License renewal and vehicle inspection qualification

All new vehicles that have landed on the ground and have not been licensed for 6 years are not required to undergo annual vehicle inspections. After the license plate has reached 6 years, all private cars and small trucks weighing less than 1.9 tons are required to undergo inspection cost an annual vehicle inspection before the license is renewed every year. The car owner does not need to wait until the license expires, and the license can be inspected and renewed 4 months before the expiration of the license. I recommended this model in Malaysia for buying like perodua myvi

Inspection price and cost

The government levies uniform fees for private cars and minivans. The first inspection will be more expensive than the re-inspection. The fee for the first inspection will be charged again. The following is the price list for the annual inspection of government vehicles:

Inspection documents

Car inspection appointment letter

Vehicle registration document (original or certified copy)

driving license

Inspection process

Inspection items and preparation before inspection

Every time a vehicle is inspected and re-inspected, a fee is required. If you don’t want to spend money, it is recommended to find a familiar garage for the vehicle inspection. Most garages will advertise “a one-stop inspection package is qualified.” Indeed, because the garage master has rich experience, car inspection is only a routine matter, and he has the opportunity to get acquainted with the master in the car inspection center, and it is usually easier to pass the inspection than to drive to the car inspection center by himself.

car inspection

However, you pay for what you pay for. If you want to check the garage first, you will have to pay extra. The price of each garage can vary greatly. The car mainly measures the time it takes to inspect the car, the price of the car in the garage, and the risk of the car being “fat”.

Qualified for inspection

Although there are seemingly many vehicle inspection items, they usually only need to wait for 15 to 30 minutes to complete. After passing the vehicle inspection, a “Vehicle Inspection Certificate” commonly known as “vehicle inspection certificate” will be issued, and the owner can prepare what they need For documents and fees, go to the Transport Department to apply for license renewal.

Failed vehicle inspection (re-inspection)

As mentioned above, unqualified vehicle inspection must be paid for re-inspection within 14 days (including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) . The car inspection center will report to the car owner (or the garage agent) that the car failed to pass the inspection, and point out the reason for the “fat” in the car inspection. Part maintenance saves garage maintenance costs, but of course you have to bear the risk of being “fat” again.

Automobile inspections other than annual inspections

Most garages will provide “on-the-shelf” vehicle inspection services, and the fixed price. 

There are several well-known third-party vehicle inspection centers:

Buying a car and owning a car is one of life’s major events. After buying a car, you must also conduct annual inspections every year to be a responsible car owner!

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