Benefits of being an HGV driver

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HGV Driving is a big part that is not just about driving such large and rigid vehicles, but it is a lot more than just driving, which includes basic knowledge about the vehicle and other skills that contribute to this part. HGV are the vehicles that are used to drive the vehicles which are large and used in the transportation of different types of goods and services from different locations. The major part everyone wants to know in terms of HGV driving is that How much do HGV Drivers earn

 These HGVs are used in the transportation of goods and services for suppliers, customers in terms of the local, national and international market. As an HGV Driver, you need to spend a lot of time on the road driving and you can be away from your comfort zones for a long time. You need to plan a lot about all your delivery schedules and you must ensure that timely deliveries happen onto the correct locations.

How to Become an HGV Driver?

To become an HGV Driver you need to follow some of the criteria that will help you grow better in the field of driving. And you will be able to drive large and rigid vehicles with safety and in a legal way. You need to follow the below written steps to get the HGV licence properly. 

  • To become an HGV Driver you need to be at least 18 years of age to even apply for a heavy vehicle’s licence. Moreover, you must have a provisional car licence beforehand when applying for an HGV driving licence. 
  • Once your qualification criteria are satisfied you need to follow an authorised process to get through the things related to HGV Driving. You need to go through medical just to ensure that your medical conditions are up to mark as required by the authorities.
  • Further, you need to go through special HGV driver training to get through the in and out of driving these large vehicles. This training is based upon the basic criteria of driving that includes both theory HGV Training and Practical HGV Driver Training. 
  • When you are done with all your driving training aspects then there is a need to test your skills to finally get your HGV licence. So after the training part, it’s the time when you have to give the HGV Driving Test. This test is just similar to your HGV training part. In this, you need to have a medical exam, theory exam, and practical exam respectively. When you clear all the three aspects as per the minimum requirement then only you can get your HGV Licence. 

How much do HGV Drivers earn?

When choosing any profession in your life a person always goes through what is the pay scale of the individual in that particular profession. Similar is the case with HGV Driving. HGV drivers when choosing their profession they go through two major categories that affect their profession that is how much do HGV Drivers earn and what benefits are associated with HGV Driving career.  

So on an approximate scale, HGV drivers earn a minimum wage of $23000 and a maximum of 37,000which makes up an average of $30,000. Further, there are various benefits that an HGV driver can have in this profession.

Benefits associated with HGV driving 

There are numerous benefits associated with HGV Driving that can help you make better professional growth in terms of HGV Driving. Some of the benefits are listed below for your reference so that you can know better about the profession of HGV Driving. 

Availability of a lot of work

The major benefit is that there is a lot of work that is available in terms of HGV driving. Due to various myths peo[le are less into the driving profession but due to fewer people getting interested in this field there are a lot of job opportunities in this field which can lead to better and professional growth. 

Choice of Hours

This job is just not like the 9 to 5 job, it has much more experience which helps you explore the best. Majorly in this field, you have choices for which you can work. As you can opt for any working hours as per your comfort and satisfaction. This will not only help you do what you love but also you will be satisfied for your whole life.  

Job security

There are numerous fields in this entire world to make up your career choices. But Jobs in HGV driving lead you to job security. In the HGV driving field, you have job security when you work on timely as well as effective deliveries. This will make your reputation good in this field and you can grow better as an individual. 

This field offers a variety

Not only just driving this field has a lot of things to do with it. You not only get vast exposure to driving but also get through many other aspects of the driving career. 

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