Benefits of Bhulekh UP for Khatra Khatauni in Uttar Pradesh

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UP Bhulekh is a digital portal set up by Uttar Pradesh’s Revenue Board to digitise land records in UP and make them available to its citizens. 

With the introduction of Bhulekh UP, landowners, property buyers, sellers, and individuals can access all land-related information without the trouble of lengthy paperwork and waiting for days. It has also eliminated all extensive manual tasks related to land-record keeping, making everyday work easier for the officials. 

Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh provides the benefits mentioned below across a range of services. 

Benefits of using the Bhulekh UP portal

The Bhulekh portal provides the following benefits for the users.

  • Firstly, it provides easy access to public information on land records. As a result, buyers and renters can check essential details like the owner of the land, plot size, liabilities, etc. Here are some dos and don’ts of investing in property that all buyers must be aware of. 
  • Landowners no longer need to visit a Tehsildar or Patwari anytime they need to verify their land records. Instead, they can check it at their convenience through the Bhulekh UP portal.
  • This has made the system more transparent and accountable. It has helped reduce land-related crimes in the state, scuffles, illegal possession, land grabbing, and lawsuits. 
  • Citizens can also update new records or make corrections in Bhulekh Naksha. 
  • Landowners can download all the land-related information like land records, Khasra number, property transactions, Khata number, Bhu Naksha UP, etc. These property details will needed for all sorts of purposes including getting loans. This is one of all the documents that you will need for a home loan.

Services provided through the Bhulekh UP portal

The digital database of the state government has all the details of registered land holdings according to Khata details, Khasra number, Khatauni, and Jamabandi. The portal allows citizens to check these details for any plot or land through the portal or mobile application. A brief description of element names is given below:

Khata/Khewat number-

This is account number given to landowners owning a portion/plot of land with various Khasra numbers.

Khasra number-

This also called the survey number or land parcel identification number. It’s a unique plot number provided by the UP government to the owner of agricultural land. 

Khatauni number-

This is an account number provided to cultivators responsible for cultivating a portion of land with different Khasra numbers. 


Also called Fard or RoR (Record of Rights), includes all the recorded information of a plot. The details include the name of landowners, cultivators, area of land, Khasra number, crop data, etc. 

In addition, people can view ownership details like the name and number of owners, the size of the land, and the history of transactions made for the property. People can also download ownership documents and use them as property proof for government jobs, income/caste certificates, and applying for home loan.

Moreover, people can check Bhulekh Naksha UP, mutation records, property dispute records, etc. Other services provided through the portal include getting authorised copies, changing the name in land records, etc. 

Financial institutions offer pre-approved offers for various loan products like home loans, loans against property, etc. If you want a quick loan approval, you can check your pre-approved offer in just a few seconds. 

The new online system of keeping land records has made the system more organised and transparent. The Bhulekh UP portal is very useful for citizens allowing them to access data without the limitations of manual record keeping. 

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