What are the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Hello! Everyone ,Today we will discuss MBBS in Bangladesh. We have provided a very transparent and honest review of MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students. MBBS Stands for Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. Bangladesh is a very hot destination for the medical students who want to pursue their MBBS abroad.

Bangladesh is located in Asia, east of India and almost completely surrounded by India including that narrow, little siliguri corridor or the chicken’s neck of India.A small but reasonably sized border with Myanmar in the southeast and the Bay of Bengal located to the south.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh:-

Bangladesh provides an abundant diaspora of excellence and expertise. The many reasons which make MBBS in Bangladesh the ideal choice for Indian students include:

1.Highest MCI passing ratio

Bangladesh ranks second in the world after Mauritius with the highest MCI  passing percentage of  32-33 percent. Out of 10 top universities in the world, seven universities are from Bangladesh and the three from the rest of the country.

2. Easily availability of Indian food

If you are someone who can’t live without Indian foods then Bangladesh is the best for you. The foods in Bangladesh are the same like India, with an affordable cost of 3000 to 4000 per month. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods in the hostels and outside. The cultures and traditions of Bangladesh are also closely related to Indian cultures.

3.No language barrier

There is no language barrier in Bangladesh for Indian students.The medium of instructions in the medical colleges of Bangladesh is English.Also, Students can easily communicate in any of the languages like Hindi, English, Bangla or Urdu. Students will not face any difficulty in communication. There is no need to learn any other language or to take any language test.

4. Same medical syllabus

The medical universities of Bangladesh follow MCI syllabus.The syllabus and books of Bangladesh medical universities are same as Indian syllabus and books. The study and examination patterns are also similar to India.

5. Low travelling expenses

The travelling cost from Bangladesh to India is also very cheap and affordable for the students. From Kolkata to Dhaka the traveling cost by air is around 4900 INR and 1400 INR by road.  Travelling via train will cost approximately 1200 INR. If Any student feels homesick  and wants to come home they can easily come to their home within a short span of time from Bangladesh.

6. More practical knowledge

In Bangladesh the students will get more practical clinical knowledge due to the large number of hospital beds. Students will know more about the patients due to the high capacity of OPD in Bangladesh Medical universities. Most of the universities have their own hospitals where students can easily practice and improve their skills.

7. Seats reserved for international students

In the government medical universities of Bangladesh 75% of seats are reserved for international students and 25% in private Medical universities. So there is no worry about seat availability. Also, there is no need to give any barbery or donation for getting Admission in the medical universities of Bangladesh 

8. Simple admission procedure

No entrance test is needed to  seek admission in the medical universities of Bangladesh and the admission process are also very easy and hassle free.There is no need to give any donation for admission.

9. Globally recognised universities

Out of 112 medical universities in Bangladesh, 16 universities are MCI approved.The medical universities are also  recognised by WHO(world health organization),United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), ,FAIMER, National medical commission(NMC) and world federation for medical education.what can be more good than getting MBBS degree from a highly recognised university at affordable fee.

10. Cheaper fee structures

The living and tuition fees are also affordable and pocket friendly as compared to other  Medical universities abroad. The approximate cost for an MBBS degree in Bangladesh varies from 24 lakhs INR to 30 lakhs INR.

11. Internship valid in India

The medical students also get an opportunity to do internship in top companies and hospitals across the world after the completion of their MBBS degree. The internship from Bangladesh is also acceptable  and valid in India.

12. Good infrastructure

The medical universities of Bangladesh are well equipped with good infrastructure. Medical universities and hostels are facilitated with CCTV cameras, laundry system,cable TV, etc.

13. Similar weather conditions

Talking about the weather conditions of Bangladesh, the weather and climatic conditions  are almost similar to our country,India. Students will get the same feeling as though they are studying in India.

14. Similar disease conditions

In India,Students can easily practice their medicine after their completion of MBBS in Bangladesh as they will get the  same disease  conditions and exposure like Bangladesh.

15. Highly qualified teachers

Bangladesh is known for its highly qualified  and well experienced teachers. So the students will get good education. You will also get many teachers from India who are teaching MBBS in Bangladesh.

16.Community medicine

Community medicine is a subject in which a student spend 3 months working in Rural areas, this subject is taught only in US/UK/India and Bangladesh and there used to 20 marks questions from Community medicine in FMGE.

17.Reputed medical universities

Bangladesh has very reputated colleges like Anwar Khan Medical College, Monno Medical College, Dhaka National Medical College, Popular Medical College, Prime Medical College, Holy Family Red Cross Medical College, Imam Medical College etc.


At Pulse education, we provide  the best quality services and consultation for MBBS admission in abroad. Now I hope you are able to make your right decision. Our motive was to make the students aware about things so that they can take their decision wisely and won’t regret in future. Thanku for reading us!!

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