Best 5 Reasons Why I Love The TP Link Archer AX11000 Router

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The TP Link Archer AX11000 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 network-enabled home networking router. It provides high-speed or blazing WiFi transmission speed. In addition, the Wi-Fi speed of this router is three times faster & speedy than the other brand’s router. If you have many networking devices in your home that work with WiFi networks. So this WiFi router is absolutely perfect and right for multiple networking devices. In addition, the multiple high-power antennas are also built-in on the TP Link Archer AX11000 router, which helps to improve the coverage. The number of antennas of this router is eight that optimum for maximum coverage. As well, the tri-band network also works with this WiFi router. This network offers more help to enhance the WiFi range & your device stays connected. 

Besides, the TP-Link Archer AX1100 Wi-Fi 6 router comes along with a USB or LAN port, which provides the benefits for the wired connection. In addition, the small reset button & power button are also built-in. To properly keep the Wi-Fi range stable, you need to set up the router. From http // local web address, easily & promptly configure all settings. 

5 reasons I love the TP Link Archer AX11000 Router

The Tp-link Archer AX11000 Wi-Fi router completely works with the WiFi 6 network that is usually most ideal for a stable range. The WI-Fi 6 network is the most advanced & latest network. As well, this network provides three times better WiFi speed in comparison to the WiFi 5 network. Along with this, it has some other reasons because of which I like and loves this router very much. Let’s start with its amazing reasons in detail. 

Constant Wi-Fi network Stability 

The Wi-Fi network connectivity of the Tp-Link Archer AX11000 router is constant. Because it works with the advanced & most latest Wi-Fi 6 network. This network is more reliable & optimum. These additions, this network provides 4 times better WiFi range than WiFi 5 network. Also, this WiFi 6 router works perfectly with dual-bands networks which help in delivering faster speeds. Dual-band network supports 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz networks. With a 5 GHz network, you can stream video without any buffering signal and play online gaming at the same time. Furthermore, for the wider network coverage, the 2.4GHz network plays, and crucial role. Thus, for better Wi-Fi speed & coverage, this router is impeccable & I love it. 

No more dead spots

The Tp-Link Archer AX11000 Wi-Fi router has eight high-power antennas. These antennas play an essential role in network performance. In addition, these antennas create new and powerful signals. WiFi dead spots are eliminated with a new and powerful signal. As well, to improve the network performance in a quick manner, eight antennas are the most suitable choice.  

Archer AX11000 works with mobile app

The third reason is that the TP Link Archer AX11000 is compatible with the Tether app. The main advantage of working with the router’s app is that you can also manage the router’s signal remotely. Wherever you are and your router turns On, then you can operate the signal from that too. Along with this, you can also set up a WiFi router using this app without using a cable connection. Thus, this is an excellent reason because I love the Archer AX11000 Wi-Fi 6 router. 

Ingenious setup of the Tp-Link Archer AX11000 router 

To use any network device, it has to be set up. You cannot take advantage of its feature sans setup. So in the same way you will also have to set up a Tp-Link router. Also, the Tether app to set up the router. Using this app, you can do the setup of the router within 2 minutes. Thus, through the Tether app, the setup of the Archer AX1100 Wi-Fi router is very ingenious & quick. 

Multiple LAN ports 

The other advantage of the Tp-Link AX100o WiFi router is multiple LAN ports. This Wi-Fi router has multiple LAN ports on the back. These ports are usually more helpful to make the network cable. There are numerous devices, which do not have wireless connectivity. Then, in that situation, these LAN ports are most ideal. 

TP Link Archer AX11000 Router Review

In my point of view, the Tp-Link archer ax11000 review is better & tremendous as compared to other brands’ router’s review. Because it works with the latest Wi-Fi 6 network, which offers faster & more reliable speed. In addition, the tri-band technology also complies. Through this technology, you can enjoy streaming video & gaming on multiple networks. Thus, the Tp-Link Archer AX11000 tri-band WIFi 6 router is perfect & better for a home Wi-Fi network. 

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