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 Who doesn’t want to grow their own business, in India, when we think about growing our own business the first thing which comes in our mind is “will that business work”? “Will that be able to make profits?” Everything starts with a dream. If you acquire little skill on a specific field you will be able to build your own business. So here are 10 best business ideas to start with a less amount of investment.

1)   Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way start your business. This sector will come up with best opportunities to explore. There are many bloggers out there who have engaged themselves in this area and are making huge amount of money. Only thing you need is understanding your niche and a platform to work. Once you get these, you’re all set to explore. You can make a travel blog, lifestyle, fashion, cooking, health and fitness, etc, there are huge numbers of fields waiting for you. You can earn by writing a review.

2)  Candle making

Candles are always in demand in Indian households. They are never out of fashion; earlier candles were used for religious purpose but now it has become a trend. Candles are in huge demand in festive season. The raw materials which are needed are very low priced and are easily attainable. You just need the skill to make beautiful candles. Nowadays, candles are becoming popular for relaxation and meditation purpose.

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3)   Meal making/tiffin services

 This can be the best business idea for women. In this hectic world everybody craves for clean and hygienic food. You can start this best business ideas by your own and in fact you don’t even have to step out of your home for that. So even if you’re less qualified you can still make this. Just make posh and hygienic food and supply them to offices and workplaces. And you’re done!

4)   Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a part of internet marketing which utilizes internet and social medias to promote goods and services of a particular company. It is a bit time taking process but once you make your pace, you have now your own settled best business ideas. This can be the best business idea for all the students as well.

5)   Jam/sauce/pickles

 Everybody now has become fitness freak, everyone here wants good and chemical free jams and sauces, but now a days it has become very tough to find someone who makes their own jams and pickles with traditional method. So, if you can make such in traditional methods then you’ll be able to set up a good and profitable best business ideas. It only requires low amount of investment. 

6)   Cake/baking

 Armed with a good oven you can make this your business, you can make cute and tasty muffins, cakes, and pastries and supply them to markets and earn good profits best business ideas. But don’t neglect to put your own tags and labels. Moreover, try to promote your own business on different social medias, this will help you to grow faster.

7)   Party services

 In India, people throw parties for almost every reason, like birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, so with a small amount of investment you can make this your business too. You can offer these services too it includes decorating the venue, fooding, conducting various activities, gifts and return gifts and almost everything best business ideas. This is a very huge money-making field.

8)   Travel agent

 Tying up with travel buses and offering various destinations to the people around you can also make you profits best business ideas. You can also offer side seeing the places. Advertising is the key. Almost everyone wants some relaxation, and a break from everyday life.

9)   Tailoring

 If you’ve knowledge about tailoring and ever learnt making clothes, you can open your own boutique. Everyone wants to look good and different from others, people here are ready to pay as much as the other party is asking, so if you’re eligible enough you can make this your business. Best business idea for women.

10)  Soya products

 According to a survey, it is found that most people nowadays are going vegan, soya products such as soya milk, tofu, soya chunks are great alternative for meat. They are easy to make, so you can invest some money to get their equipments. Nowadays it is easy to get loans for micro scale industry best business ideas.

11)  Photography

 In today’s world specially the young generation loves to get themselves clicked. For those who have some interest in photography, clicking glamorous pictures is a great way to start a business. Only you need is a good camera and related equipments. You can book a studio too if it’s needed.

 So, these were some best business ideas to start with less amount of investment.

Always keep in mind that businesses take time to grow, it’s not an overnight process. Think hundred times before investing anywhere doesn’t matter how low the investment is. Keep showcasing and promoting your business in social medias that’s the best platform to give your business a new dimension. Work hard and all the best Learn More

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