Best Desktop PCs to buy in 2022

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Since the emergence of laptop trends, it has been a long debate that what should you choose: laptops or desktop PCs? If you are also facing the same situation and are worried that what to choose, here we come with the possible advantages and disadvantages of using desktop computers. Besides this, we have also discussed that what the must-have features are for a desktop PC. Moreover, you will also get a list of the best desktop computers to buy in 2022. So, here we go;

Advantages of Desktop Computers

More Powerful:

Desktop PCs are more powerful and durable than laptops. You need to fix a desktop computer in one place. So, the chances of falling and breaking are also low for a desktop.

Big Monitor:

You can attach a monitor of any size you need for your desktop computer. This will offer you an amazing experience of gaming, watching movies, and making presentations.

Low Maintenance Cost:

Unfortunately, if you face any drawbacks to your desktop PCs, you can easily recover them with low maintenance costs.

External Devices:

You can attach external devices of your choice, including a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, and others to your desktop computer.

Battery Life:

There is no issue with battery life. You just need to switch on the plug of your PC and work as long as you want to do without any interruption of battery notification.


It has been seen that desktop computers have more lifespan than laptops. So, we can say that desktop PCs are more durable than laptops. 

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Disadvantages of Desktop PCs

Expensive: As you have to add all the internal or external components individually into a desktop PC, so, you may have to spend more to buy a desktop PC.

Noise: Desktop PC produces extra noise than laptops. This sometimes makes you disturbed at one point or another.

Extra Space: A desktop computer requires extra space to place. So, you need to have a dedicated room to place your desktop computer, which is sometimes difficult to manage.

Plug-in: You always require to plugin or switch on your desktop to use it. If there is an electrical issue, you may not be able to use your desktop computer.

Position: Changing screen position or direction is easy for smartphones or laptops. But, you have to sit at a fixed place while using a desktop computer.

Cables: You need to manage a lot of cables, including power cable, mouse cable, keyboard cable, and some others to make the use of desktop computer possible.

Must-Have Features Of Desktop PCs

Desktop computers with the following features are considered good to use in 2022


Generally, when we talk about memory, there are two things to be considered: RAM and storage capacity. 4 GB RAM is normal to use for every single PC. However, 8 GB RAM helps increase the efficiency of your computer. Moreover, 16 GB Ram is recommended for the most powerful computers. From 256 GB to 512 GB storage capacity is normally used for desktops. However, you can increase the storage capacity according to your needs.  


From Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i7 and, on the other hand, AMD Ryzen 5 to AMD Ryzen 7 desktops are considered good. They are best for study, gaming, presentation, assignments, and other general tasks.


From Intel UHD graphics to dedicated graphics all are best for desktop. Dedicated graphics type can be used for every single purpose.

Operating System

Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro are the latest operating systems used throughout the world. We recommend you use any of these two operating systems to have a wonderful computing experience. 

A List Of The Best Desktop PCs To Buy In 2022

1. MSI MAG Codex 5 9SC-034IT

MSI has designed the most powerful desktop. The mentioned laptop is designed with 32 GB RAM and 1 TB storage capacity that are enough to make a desktop computer powerful. Moreover, a core i7 processor with a 4.7 GHz processing speed is another notable feature of this desktop.

2. ASUS ROG Strix GA35 G35DX

ASUS is another name in manufacturing powerful desktops. The mentioned desktop is the best recommendation for gaming and this is all decided by the specs used to design this desktop. You will get the opportunity to get a fast user experience with 32 GB. 512 GB storage capacity will allow you to have a variety of games. AMD Ryzen 7 processor is the core feature and this desktop is compatible with Windows 10.

3. Lenovo Legion T530

When it comes to talking about the best desktops, we can never neglect the name of Lenovo. Lenovo is another name in manufacturing quality and powerful desktops. Lenovo Legion T530 is designed with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage capacity. You will get the chance to use a computer with a Core i7 processor unit.

4. HP OMEN 30L

This is another most powerful desktop computer that is recommended for gaming. The desktop is designed by HP and the specs used to design this laptop allow us to call it a powerful gaming desktop. It has a combination of 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage capacity. AMD Ryzen 7 is the processor unit used to complete this desktop.

5.  Dell OptiPlex 3080 MFF

Among the well-known desktop manufacturers, Dell is another mentionable name. The given desktop is designed with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage capacity. Another combination of core13 10th gen. processor and Intel UHD graphics makes this desktop capable for all the general uses. 

Buy Your Desktop PCs Now

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