The best space saving toilet for a smaller bathroom

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If a bathroom in your home is smaller than you’d prefer it to be, there are a few things you can do to save space. You can make your storage of toiletries as efficient as possible, installing shelves or reorganizing your cabinet. One option that will maximize spaces, in the long run, is to install a compact toilet. 

Manufacturers in the industry now offer a range of the best compact toilets with all the features found in standard toilets. You have as much choice in matters of size, type, shape, material, water consumption, flush type, and warranty as you when would when considering a standard toilet. 

A one-piece is ideal for a small space. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. If you’re thinking of upgrading your toilet or making a bathroom a little roomier, we’ve listed our top ten recommendations below for the best space-saving toilets.

What are the Factors to consider in a packed toilet?

If you’ve decided to save some space with a compact toilet, here are some considerations. These are more or less the same factors to think about when purchasing the best flushing toilets standard-size toilet, although compact toilets have their own unique characteristics.

  • Budget

Compact toilets have a fairly broad price range. On the whole, though, they are generally more expensive than their counterparts. This is because one-piece models are generally easier to install, clean, and maintain than two-piece models. That efficiency of design tends to be reflected in the price tags.

  • Water Efficiency

This is always something you want to know about a toilet before purchasing. When browsing your opinion, keep this in mind to get a sense of just how efficient each one is. In the long term, you want to limit water consumption as much as possible.

  • Comfortable Design

Compacts toilets can save space while remaining comfortable and easy to use. The main factor here is the toilet bowl. Whether it’s an elongated or rounded bowl, make sure it’s a good size. Elongated toilet seats are generally considered to be more comfortable. Also, consider the material it’s made out of when making your selection.

  • Ease of Installation

If you’re thinking about getting a compact toilet in order to get the most out of your bathroom space, consider the installation factor. Some are easier to install than others. Make sure you go with one that will accommodate the space and budget you have to work with.

  • Type and Style

Essentially, there are two types of constructions for toilets. The first is a two-piece toilet, which is also the most common type. With this construction, you get a product with a separate tank and bowl. Should any of the two parts need replacing, you can replace just the one that needs to go without touching the other.

In a one-piece toilet, the bowl and the tank are fused together. The benefits include a clean finish and easier cleanup with no visible seams harboring any dust or grime.

On the space-saving front, the one-piece comes out the clear winner as there is no need to make any provision to support the tank. However, the one downside to these models is that they do boast a bigger price tag than the two-piece toilets.

  • Space-saving Toilet 

Toilets typically come with either compact or elongated bowls. While the width remains the same for both types, the length is what basically makes a toilet more compact. Compact sizes tend to be two inches shorter on average than those with elongated bowls.


In general, many people feel more comfortable on an elongated-style toilet bowl as there is more thigh support on the long seat. So if you like the comfort of an elongated toilet bowl, but are short on space, then you can consider a hybrid known as the compact-elongated toilet. This one-piece fits into the same space as the round front toilet, but with an elongated bowl, and is a fantastic example of a no clog toilet

Top 5 Space Saving Toilets

Here are the top 5 recommendations for compact toilets, check each one out with the details at your convenience.

  • Saniflo 023 Sanicompact

The Saniflo 023 Sanicompact is the gold standard of compact toilets. These one-piece toilets are incredibly easy to install. It can even be used in spaces where a plumbing system isn’t yet installed, as it can easily connect to the closest waterline and also has septic-safe toilet paper. This versatility makes it ideal for spaces where you might not have even considered the possibility of installing a toilet.

Whether in a half bath, a basement, a converted closet, or a commercial restroom where spaces are limited, the Saniflo 023 Sanicompacts should be somewhere near the top of your list of options. It has a comfortable design and boasts a thrifty one-gallon flush.

  • TOTO Eco Ultramax MS853113E

TOTO is a premier brand in the industry producing one and two-piece compact toilets along with gravity fed to pressure-assisted toilets. The MS853113E also known as the Ultramax Toilet, is a one-piece toilet that provides a powerful flush without noise.

This innovative technology is using a mere 1.28 gallons of water per flush every time. The WaterSense certification guarantees that water consumption is about 20% less than the amount of water flushed by using traditional toilets.

  • Galba Dual Flush Space Saving Toilet

This is by far the smallest toilet you can find to fit in a compact space. It is about 4 inches shorter than most compact toilets. Despite its small size, the model looks stylish and offers a fair amount of comfort in terms of height and seat shape.

The flushing power is adequate, despite the toilet’s small p-trap. This item allows you to save on water. However, I highly recommend using the full flush often to avoid clogs due to the small p-trap.

Final Word!

That brings us to the end of our low-down of the best compact toilets for a small space. We hope we’ve given you what you need to make the best choice for you.

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