Book Marketing Tips for First Time Authors

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You’ve put months and years into completing your book, turning it into the masterpiece it is today. Now is the time to promote it and share your hard work with the world, but how do you effectively do that without marketing it and selling it?

If your idea is to sell your book and make a living out of it, first of all, you need a good publisher and then you should consult some expert book marketing services. It doesn’t matter that you think that your book is going to be the next bestseller, without good marketing strategies, no one will know that your book even exists.

So, here are our tips on how you can successfully market your book:

Determine the Genre and Audience of Your Book

Before taking the first steps towards promoting your book, you need to decide the genre. Once you do that, you can easily tell who’s going to be interested in reading it. That’s going to be your target audience.

When you know your audience, it becomes effortless for you to come up with a marketing plan. For example, if you have written a young adult book, then, your marketing strategies should surround the teenagers and young adult platforms. look for things that are trending in that age group and then start your promotions accordingly.

Choose the Right Time for Promotions

Like everything in life, picking out the right time for your promotions is crucial. What do you think would be the perfect time to introduce your book to the world? After publishing it or right before it’s set to come out?

As a book writer and reader, you must know the curiosity of readers. The amount of torture you get when a chapter ends on a cliffhanger, or the curiosity of reading a really good synopsis of a book and the anticipation of starting it.

So, in order to create that buzz in your readers, the perfect time to start promoting your book is six months before it hits the bookstores. Just make sure that the release of the book takes place on the promised date. This way, your readers won’t face any disappointment and your book will be well worth the wait!

Create a Website or Blog

One of the best marketing tools is to create a website or blog. This way, you’ll be the one in charge of everything, from its content, ads, and interface.  This will be your platform and you can easily share anything about your book.

A blog or website also shows your followers that this book is not a one-time thing for you, you will be writing more books in the future and introducing them to new characters. So, if you were having doubts about creating it before, we ensure you, this will the best decision on your part!

Social Media should be Your Best Friend

Whether you use marketing tools or not, the best one would be social media. Yes, you can’t sell your book on social media, but you can definitely get some effective free promotions. These days, you can get anything to go viral online.

So, the publishing industry isn’t your only option, to advocate your book, you can come up with some artistic illustrations, make some posts about the quotes in the book, make use of interesting social media videos and then market them gradually online and watch as your platform and the list of anticipated readers grows!

Other than using snippets from your book that increase the curiosity of your readers, you can also create some fascinating hashtags and grow your research during your book promotion.

Writing Groups and Clubs Are Quite Helpful

Communication and word of mouth are still some of the best tactics for marketing. Join some book clubs and groups, have discussions with your readers, and start conversations about your book and book marketing. Listen to their views and try to incorporate them into your strategy.

This is not only for your reader but also for the entire readers’ community. Once you start a conversation, your circle of connections starts growing and when you mention some fascinating facts about your book, the entire community starts showing interest!

These groups are both online and offline. So, the first thing you have got to do is make some networks with your fellow authors. After that, get some readers, specific to the genre of your book interested, this way, the book you have written will start promoting itself!

Take Use of Newsletters

Emailing newsletters to your readers will keep them up-to-date as well as engrossed. It is the perfect way to keep in touch with your followers. In order to do this, you can add a small sidebar or a pop-up on your website for them to add their email addresses. You can also ask them to sign up on your social platforms.

If they are signing up, this means they are impatiently waiting for your book to come out. So, make sure that every email you send out, catches their attention. Make the first sentence quite catchy, this way, your email won’t get ignored!

Ask for Reviews

The best way to promote a book is through another book lover. You can do this before and after your book comes out. Before it comes out, you’ve provided your readers with a synopsis, now ask for their reviews. If the feedback comes positive, you know they’ll love your book and those reviews will get the attention of other readers as well.

After that book is published, you can again ask for their reviews, you can post all of them on your website and social platforms, and this will easily get you the marketing you require. Another way is to get in touch with relevant book reviewers and ask them to share their reviews on their platforms.

Final Words

If you were in doubt about how to get the world to read your book, then we are sure now you know the best marketing tactics. If you thought that your book can be the next New York’s Bestseller, then go ahead and use these effective book marketing strategies and get your book the attention it deserves!

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