Can I take Emergen-C during breastfeeding?

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Vitamin C supplements such as Emergen-C and Emergen-C. Which claim to fight all the germs that the flu, cold, and, well, the pandemic season can throw at you are so tempting.

The spread of viruses is a massive problem for pregnant women. Many symptom-fighting medications available over the counter are not allowed — due to a weak body’s immune systems during pregnancy. A severe virus could transform into a much nastier illness.

These supplements act as vitamin boosts that provide the same amount of vitamin C that supports your immune system. As a whole truckload of oranges. And it sounds like an excellent idea if you’re expecting or nursing. Everyone around is coughing.

But do you think it’s a beneficial idea? The majority of supplements are considered dangerous in pregnancy since the FDA does not control them similarly to prescription drugs. Furthermore, certain supplements, as well as medicines, are taken during nursing may impact the baby.

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What’s in Emergen-C?

There are many kinds of Emergen-C products. All of that contain what the company refers to as “high potency vitamin C.”

This is a fancy phrase that means “enough vitamin C to turn you into an orange,” however; some vitamin makers claim that it represents the formulas they make are more likely not to trigger stomach disturbances and more. Likely to get into the bloodstream than other types that contain vitamin C.

They may have lesser amounts of vitamin C. But they do contain probiotic strains Vitamin D, E, elderberries Ginseng, melatonin, and coffee.

Protection and threats of using Emergen-C during incubation.

It’s true: no person wants to be eating and peeling oranges all day to fight off the plague. But, in the different writing, there’s a lot of appeal when you dissolve some powder into the water before consuming the sweet vitamin C. This boosts your immune system within a matter of a few minutes (or popping a few chewable vitamin gummies or chewable ones).

The majority of doctors recommend pregnant women steer away from supplements aside from prenatal vitamins. And a few of the essential nutrients to ensure an unhealthy pregnancy.

This is the case also for vitamin C because the research on it is sadly lacking. It is reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that some studies have examined Vitamin C’s effects on birth and pregnancy outcomes, according to Trusted Source However, the results have not been as clear. Vitamin C has improved outcomes in some instances. However, it did not improve outcomes in others.

The controls are a tad more relaxed for nursing mothers; however, certain things are to be aware of.

But, excessive amounts of vitamin C may increase the amount of milk you produce if you’re already experiencing problems with excessive production; keep this in your mind.

Vitamin C guidelines

The dose of Vitamin C located in the Emergen-C formulas is variable but is typically 1,000 milligrams for each serving of their formulas for boosting immunity. In addition, their energy vitamins and probiotics are between 250-500 milligrams.

Based on the Office of Dietary Supplements Trusted Source (ODS), pregnant women over 19 years old should take in 85 milligrams of vitamin C a day, and breastfeeding mothers more than 19 years should receive breastfeeding 120 milligrams a day. The numbers are a bit smaller (80 and 155 depending on whether you’re younger than 19.

Immune support

They’re often classified in the infamous “immunocompromised” category, including babies and the elderly. For example, do you know that you can’t consume soft cheese in pregnancy as you may become ill with the condition known as listeriosis? It’s because your immunity is weaker than it is in standard.

You’ll also gain an extra dose of vitamin C in your prenatal vitamins. However, the amount of it will differ according to the brand. The majority of them contain around 85 milligrams of vitamin C per serving, which puts you into the “recommended daily value for pregnant women” category and will suffice to maintain your health in normal conditions.

When should you talk with your doctor?

We can understand the urge to consume the most vitamin C you can get appropriate during pregnancy, mainly when there’s a pandemic of a virus taking over your neighborhood. But you should confer with your doctor before taking extra vitamin C.

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