Can You Drive an Electric Scooter on the Road?

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Thanks to incredible advances in lithium-ion battery technology and electric motors, new means of transportation have appeared everywhere. These include electric bicycles, innovative modern electric scooters like the Unagi, as well as shared scooters that cluster on college campuses and in city centers. Scooters have become fashionable not because of novelty, but because they adapt to a wide variety of needs. Just like skateboards, scooters are agile, portable, and fit into tight spaces. Like bicycles, they can reach relatively high speeds and have stable steering and braking capabilities.

Electric scooters are so versatile that, in fact, they have generated confusion and controversy. Should they ride on the sidewalk or on the road? Can they be driven in traffic or should it be avoided? Should scooters be relegated to bike lanes? Do the laws prohibit driving an electric scooter on the road? Do you need insurance to drive an electric scooter? How can you stay safe on the road? These questions are excellent. While electric scooters arguably offer one of the most efficient ways to get around on short trips, safety should always come first.

However, you may be surprised to learn that in most cases riding your scooter on the road is not only allowed, but recommended and sometimes required in places that ban sidewalk scooters. You’ll need to check local laws to see if this is the case where you ride, but electric scooters are generally classified as street-legal vehicles, as long as they don’t exceed certain speeds, typically 15-20 miles per hour, and have a horsepower. motor less than 750 watts. Almost all electric scooters have 250 or 350 watt motors. However, in the unusual case of the Unagi E500, there are motors at each wheel, giving the Unagi its characteristic ride quality and ability to conquer the hills.

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