Car Polishing: Can You Do It Yourself?

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Regardless of what make and model of the car you own and what year of manufacture it is, sooner or later, you will have to face the fact that the time will come to replace any consumables or repair some parts of the car. One should note right away that almost any car owner can do nearly 99% of the replacement and repair work with their own hands. But to independently figure out what happened to your vehicle or find detailed instructions on how to fix this breakdown, keep reading! Car Polishing

Many car owners often encounter minor scratches on their vehicles, which can be removed by polishing. In this article, we will talk about polishing the car body with abrasive pastes.

The definition of polishing

If you concoct with specific adhesives, the paintwork is liquidated, or rather, only a thin top layer of varnish. In fact, there is no need for it since it can only spoil the car’s external appearance since due to the influence of weather conditions, the varnish is oxidised, and multiple scratches appear on it.

Then take a protective polish. It must be applied immediately to the newly repaired paintwork. This applies to all types of polishing.

Polishing will furnish your automobile with an exceptional shine and, moreover, will protect the car’s body from the oxidation process. But such protection is short-lived; therefore, professionals recommend doing this every 30-60 days.

Body polishing

First step

Below is the step-by-step polishing process.

Let’s start with a simple one – the car must be prepared for polishing and washed first. We clean in such a way that there are no dust particles, dirt or sand grains. Then wipe the whip with a dry cloth. You can use the White Spirit product available in UAE. We wash off the remains of tar with it, which did not go away with the help of washing with water. Anyone intending to achieve a perfect result can take abrasive clay and clean the body before polishing.

Second step

Here we can say that the first step is over. Further, the polishing process will be considered in detail, and if you seriously intend to do everything with your own hands, you will definitely need to follow these tips! As a result, you will achieve a beautiful deep gloss, which is also called wet.

For this task, you will require:

  • particular machine with foam rubber circles;
  • a set of adhesives;
  • some patience and substantial effort.

If you do everything conscientiously, you can complete it in a day or less. You only need 3 types of pastes, coarse abrasive, small and no abrasive.

Polishing begins with a “hard” paste. It is applied directly on top of the machine, it does not need much, about ten to twenty grams should be enough, the size of the place where polishing is going on should not be more than an area, about 40 by 40 cm. Otherwise, the paste will dry out before you use it.

Then we put a “circle” on the polishing machine for rough processing; it is usually light orange in colour. Without switching on the equipment, spread the adhesive uniformly over the space. Then you need to turn on the polishing machine, set a low speed and equally distribute the paste from above, dividing the surface for polishing into the above areas, go through all the body parts. After finishing with a rough polish, you need to make a soft paste and do everything the same way as described above.

Do not overlook washing the sponge in warm water (as a rule, the sponge is moistened after all areas of the car’s body have been refined). Then, we evaporate it using the polishing machine. Finally, turn on the max speed and wait.

Next, we use the repellent adhesive; everything is straightforward. Now you can remove the rough disc from the machine and install a disc that is designed for soft polishing. It is light grey and smooth.

Third step

After that, apply a non-abrasive polishing paste with a rag, rub it over the surface with circular movements. If pasta clots have formed, they should be sanded.

Afterwards, we wait for a couple of minutes for the paste to dry out and turn white; you can connect the polishing machine, set it to medium speed and polish using this adhesive.

Anyone would assume that the body is already almost perfect, but experts recommend adding the ultimate touch by applying a protective polish; this is executed the identical way a non-abrasive adhesive is utilised. All steps are alike. Though you must not forget to make the mixture with glue for protection. As a practice, it is performed once every month. It also happens that after polishing, “holograms” appear on the body. They arise because dust particles get in during polishing or the circle is already old.

Last word

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