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Our customers are from all segments of private individuals and owner / cooperative housing associations to companies, municipalities and other public institutions. Therefore, we also have many types of tasks including climate screen renovations (facade, roof, windows and doors), renovations, office renovations and main contracts. All our construction cases range from short-term service tasks to main contracts of up to DKK 20 million. Therefore, there is not the task that is too big or too small for us, and there is not the customer segment that we do not want to build for.

Tømrerfirma (Carpenter company) is a well-run company that has grown continuously since its establishment. The main company consists of a carpentry company, but over the years Tømrerfirma has expanded with a masonry company and a plumbing company. Thereby, we perform many types of tasks as well as main contracts, where we have a solid collaboration with various professional groups as subcontractors. We have many carpenters, masons and plumbers, and therefore we perform many tasks in our own production.

Our business philosophy is that we want to run a professional craftsman company based on professionally strong employees who deliver quality work every day. We want to build good, long-lasting customer relationships. Our customers’ satisfaction is one of our greatest values, and therefore we exercise both quality assurance on our projects and we are a member of Our membership in means that all our private customers are secured by the

Regardless of the size and scope of our tasks, we take great pride in advising and guiding our customers so that they get exactly the product they want. In addition, we collaborate with consulting architects and engineers on most constructions, and also have a number of solid partners here.

We specialize in roof replacement, as well as roof renovation on both commercial buildings, institutions, cooperative / owner associations and other residential properties. We agree that the climate screen on the building is in the best condition and  tømrer (Carpenter), including the roof. The roof is the building’s primary protection, and therefore we do not compromise on the design and materials when we perform roof renovation for our customers.

A roof renovation or replacement of the roof is a comprehensive task. We therefore place great emphasis on advising our customers in the various renovation options. A new roof can open up new potentials. For example, a new roof construction can in some cases be used as an extra floor, increase the ceiling height, open up to a slope or the building can have a completely different architectural expression.

The materials used for your new roof have an impact on both the appearance of the building and the service life of the roof, a new roof has an average service life of many years depending on the roof cladding and weather conditions. Over the years, we have qualified for various recognitions, including we are roofing partner, roofing master. We also have our own plumbers, who are specialists in roofing and facade cladding in materials such as zinc, copper and natural slate. Our plumbers are also certified .

Getting a new roof should be a good experience. We care a lot about our customers feeling confident in the collaboration, and that our work is always done to perfection. Therefore, we take it for granted to perform quality assurance on all our construction cases, and we are a member of Danish, which means that our private customers will be covered by the Craftsman Guarantee .

The Tømrerfirma (Carpenter company) and is a well-run company that has grown continuously since its establishment. We cover the whole of Zealand with a wide range of services and are specialists in roofing work.

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