Carrying the car insurance receipt, is it mandatory?

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Carrying the car insurance receipt, is it mandatory?

Find out if you should carry the insurance receipt in the car and what documentation traffic agents can ask you for or in situations such as passing the ITV. Whether in circulation or not, a vehicle must always have insurance, as stated in Royal Legislative Decree 8/2004. “ Any owner of motor vehicles that has their usual parking lot in Spain will be obliged to sign and maintain an insurance contract for each vehicle that they own”, is specified in this legislation. 

Thus, the fact of driving on the road with a car without having it insured is punishable. And, for this reason, it is controlled that the vehicles have insurance through traffic agents, who usually review this documentation at road controls. But, here the great doubt arises as to whether we have to carry the insurance receipt and the ticket that we have made the last payment in the car.

Is it mandatory to carry the insurance receipt in the car?

This question could be included in the bag of myths of the automotive industry. And it is that, although it is true that a little more than a decade ago it was mandatory, it is not necessary to carry the insurance receipt to show it to the traffic agents.

The regulations changed in 2008, from which time the police officers can consult the Informative File of Insured Vehicles (FIVA) through their wireless and mobile devices. Therefore, the traffic agent will be able to check when entering the license plate if the car is insured without the need for a document that proves it. 

Now, insurers like Hello Auto recommend always carrying all insurance documentation in the car. Why? Well, because the computer system can fail and the agent can hold us until he can check if the car is insured. If this happens and we have the receipt in the glove compartment, we can prove that we have insurance and continue on our way.

What documentation is mandatory in the car?

What will be mandatory to carry in the car will be the regular driver’s license, the circulation permit, and the ITV Card, and it is also necessary to carry the sticker on the windshield of the car. 

As we have mentioned before, it is highly recommended to add to this documentation a copy of the insurance policy, in which we can consult your coverage at all times, among other things, and the last receipt of the insurance payment. Carrying them costs nothing and they can avoid complications or loss of time on the road. 


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